5 Things about the UK

Five Things that are still weird to me in the UK

So these are five things that are still weird to me compared to Germany. They’re all just based on personal opinion.

  1. The fascination with Oak Furniture.
    – Just don’t get it. How? Why?
  2. The weird (small) houses.
    Like. I don’t think I will ever get used to a lot of the houses here?
  3. Their love for carpets (EVERYWHERE).
    I hate carpets. And I have been to places where there had even been carpets in the restroom. Its just so impractical?
  4. Thank You Cards for teachers.
    I get this one, but also not really? But then I do feel like this country loves their cards more than Germany.
  5. Many people learn Spanish and/or German. What about French?
    This is just something I personally noticed around me to be honest.

Bonus: Not being able to deal with (non-)significant weather changes. Heavy Rain, Snow, Strong(er) winds and suddenly there is chaos everywhere. Random leaves floating around always creates trains to be late and/or cancelled in autumn, too.

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St. Nikolaus!

Today is December 6th and in Germany, today is St Nikolaus (or St Nicholas) and in most parts of Northern Germany, as far as I know, this is celebrated as a pre-Christmas kind of thing.

Without googling and purely out of my experience growing up in Germany where this was celebrated, children would put a boot or shoe next to their bedroom door on December 5th and on the next morning the boot would be filled with gifts, usually santa chocolate figures, sweets and possibly other small gifts and personal bits and pieces in there. As far as I can remember, St Nikolaus was the bringer of gifts and shared his cape, and some other clothes items and even his donkey with the poor.

I guess it kind of goes back to the festive season being the season where most people share with others and most charities seem to be active in the Media and everything (this might just be my view).

Now, living in England, my mum either forgets about it or simply can’t be bothered. This year, because of the looming holiday, the new dog and everything else, it’s pretty obvious why my mum couldn’t be bothered to get the fosterchild and me something. Also, I am 22… Saying that, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of these little german festivities I grew up with. It’s just always been there and to me, it’ll always be a part of my festive season.

All of this is just out of my experience with this day and actually reading up on St Nikolaus, I am aware of similar celebrations in western Europe. It’s quite interesting. There is a lot on St Nikolaus online, as suspected. This kind of sums it up short and sweetly.

As said, we didn’t really celebrate Nikolaus this year, but I did buy myself some Enid Blyton books, some chocolate and two Itunes cards as a treat (there was also a deal on the Itunes cards)

Mistletoe hugs



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Wonderful Christmas Memories

Today I had nothing particular planned but thought it might be a nice idea to share some wonderful Christmas memories.

I haven’t got one memory for just Christmas eve or Christmas morning -I grew up in Germany so I’d open some gifts on Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas morning. My memories stretch from end of November, where kids would roam the streets with lanterns and sing songs to get sweets to New Years Eve parties with my friends

I remember loving to make the Christmas lanterns at school and meeting up with my friends to sing songs for St Martins day parades

I remember having Adventskraenze and lighting a candle on each Advent -four sundays before Christmas eve, first one candle, then two, then three and on Christmas eve the fourth candle would be lit. Stories would be told, games played and time spent with the family. My family never really did this, as its more a German thing as far as I know, but I remember the smell of orange and cinnamon and every monday, our history teacher would tell us a short story in the morning before we began the lesson.

I remember putting up the tree and having little book things to hang up on the tree and seeing the ornaments as little, precious toys. I remember loving the smell of real trees and just feeling happy and at home.

I remember unwrapping loads of presents and feeling so happy, I could’ve exploded. I remember getting help setting up a barbie van or something with my cousin, with my Mum and uncle around.

It might just be me, but in the UK, I haven’t heard anything like St Martin’s parades or Advents wreaths or whatever they’re called in English. Good memories tho, difficult to put into words haha.

Chocolate kisses,


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Day 2 of December!

Just about.

I’m sorry.

For the late post (It’s like 23:27 aka 11:27pm in the UK right now), I thought I’d share some of my photos from Germany and the christmas markets I visited there, and also some funny vlogmas videos I have watched today.

So, to explain the first picture, I am always very amused by the German language everywhere when I first see it again after a few months. I was also amused by how the police cars looked like, but I cannot tell you why.

Food-wise I really miss German breakfasts, so we went to a restaurant who do really yummy breakfast buffets. I ate a lot there, and it was delicious. I also drank a lot of coffee. Living there, I never realised how strong the coffees were, and it still surprises me.

The other pictures pretty much sum up the Christmas markets I went to. I visited the Harsewinkeler one, the one in Guetersloh and the one in Bielefeld. Size wise, Harsewinkel is pretty tiny, Gutersloh isn’t much bigger, but Bielefeld is the biggest out of the three of them.
I ate a lot of food there, especially in Bielefeld. I just walked from stall to stall going “Oh, I remember those! I need to eat some!”. So I ended up eating a Banana on a stick covered in chocolate, things called Quarkinis (picture in the link). They’re like weird doughnut like things. And Currywurst. I had quite a lot Currywurst. A friend later sent me a photo of Candy apples that looked so awesome, I had to share them.

I hope I can go back visiting Christmas markets again next year. I hope to see my friends before that.

Now to some cute Vlogmas videos.

There’s Miranda’s video, which is short, sweet and funny.
Sharla’s video has a cute fluffy cat in it and she is travelling to my favourite country: Malaysia (visited Malaysia, love it, cant wait to go back). The Mail opening is also very cute.
Mandatory, I obviously follow Emma Blackery, so here is Emma’s video. No offence, BUT … Only kidding. I totally get what she is saying. It’s like saying “I don’t want to be racist, but…”. You’re basically warning people, that you’re gonna be racist.
I personally don’t follow Zoella on youtube, but I still feel obliged, to link back to the christmassy theme, her video. It’s her vlogmas from 01.12.2015, and it’s very festive.

I’m going to leave it there. Hugs, and mistletoe kisses,


“Oh my, you’ve changed!”

So I spent my weekend, the days Friday, Saturday and Sunday up near Telford and in Cannock, which are both towns around Birmingham as far as I know, which is quite a journey up north from where I live. The reason I spent over four hours getting there and over five hours travelling back was because a childhood friend of mine, Ryan, had married his beloved Amber in Las Vegas and was back in England to celebrate their wedding with those who didn’t make it to America. I grew up with Ryan and his brother Connor (who, unfortunately, couldn’t make it) but our paths separated when he and his family moved away. Travelling up north, my mum and I got to meet her friends again, Ryan’s mum Claire, and another friend, Kate (or Clate as mum as nicknamed them).

I felt like they were my friends as well, and immediately felt at home around Clate. It was great seeing both Clate and Ryan again. I always remember Ryan and Connor making me laugh and fighting over who could make me laugh more. I doubt they’re reading this, but I do wish Ryan and Amber all the best.

At the Celebration, there were obviously many more faces, Audrey for one, Amber’s daughter. A few others apparantly knew me, but I have no recollection of their faces (Sorry?). They were very kind and funny however and I could see why my mum and Claire were friends with them. As soon as we got to the Celebration (or Party… I’m gonna stick with Celebration because it sounds kinda awesome) said people came up to me and said something along the lines of “Oh, yeah, I remember you! You were about this tiny the last time I saw you!” How do you politely tell a person, that you have absolutely no idea who they are? I couldn’t do anything else but smile at them. The only people I recognised were Claire and her husband and kids, Amber and Audrey (because of Facebook photos) Kate and my mum (obviously).

Anyhow. Kate often noted on Friday, the day before the Celebration, how I’ve changed. I’m not as shy and quiet as I used to be. I think I am still shy and quiet, but I really must’ve changed quite a bit. I felt comfortable around mostly strangers, I wasn’t anxious about talking to these people and actually really enjoyed it. I didn’t keep my thoughts to myself, especially complements. And that was all before I got tipsy on Cider.

Since moving to England I have noticed a few things about myself.

  1. I’m a lot more independent, especially since I started University.
  2. I now know what I like to read more so than when I lived in Germany.
  3. I’m not as anxious about going to the cinema on my own or travelling on my own in general.
  4. I’m not as anxious about approaching people to ask for help.
  5. I can deal with my anxiety a lot better than before.
  6. I’m more aware of who I am and where I want to go with my life.
  7. I can express myself better about me myself and my future plans.
  8. I guess I’ve grown a lot as a creative little cookie.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Most of it has dramatically changed mainly since I’ve started University and since having therapy for my Anxiety. Apart from me growing up and my physical appearance changing, which somehow surprised the few people who knew me at the age of about six, these are the things that I’ve noticed have changed since leaving Germany and starting University.

I’m back!

I knew I’d have problems keeping up with this Blog, but I won’t give up. Not yet. In my defence, I had Exams, Essays, Assignments to do and we moved house. Now, during the summer months, I can compose myself and write.

I have not yet come up with a clear structure, but it will include posts about my trip to Germany for 7 days over Easter and probably about life in Eastbourne and Brighton, both of which are cities on the south coast in England. Posts might also include about my course English Language and Linguistics.

Anyhow, that is it for now. I shall be back soon.


What has been going on

I have neglected this blog. I apologise.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to travel to Thailand with my family, which was great.
Today, although we got very bad news, I also received a box full of German chocolates from my friends there.


It made me very happy. I promised myself not to eat them all at once, and that plan might work… Mainly because eating it all might tonight might make me feel very ill.

I did ask for Schokobons back at the end of December. I didn’t expect anything else, haha. The ahoy Brause reminds me of my childhood. It all does actually. It’s bought up so many lovely memories.

After my exams and assignment for University, I’ll be more active and hope to give ya’ll some updates on Photoshoots I’ve got planned soon, too.
I need to get writing, too. I’ve been pretty lazy lately.

Hugs and chocolate kisses