30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life

  1. My first blessing has to go to my family, my lovely mum and my stepdad. They are both very supportive and loving and I just feel so blessed. I guess there are two blessings really. The fact I live with my family, even after coming out, and the fact that we have an amazing relationship.
  2. Honestly, I feel so blessed having the friends I have. They’re all so supportive, caring and such good friends. I haven’t lost any friends when I came out, and they’ve all just been great.
  3. Being able to go on holiday with my family. Not only are we going away together, but we’re also going quite far abroad. For as long as I can remember, my mum has always taken me on lovely and memorable holidays.
  4. Having money in my wallet, money in my savings account and money in my bank account is a HUGE blessing.
  5. Being able to have the education I have. My mental health has, fortunately, never stopped me from going to school, college or University. Now, I have finished 3 years at University, hopefully successfully and am applying to do my masters.

Photo of the Day

Masashi Wakui

Video of the Day

Day of Odin

Today is wednesday, the day of the germanic supreme God Odin, or Woden. But this post has actually nothing to do with Odin, but it’s going to be filled with a mixture of bits and pieces. I’m actually going to be talking about a creative DIY idea, patronuses and

“The person who has lost their name”

For a very long time now, I have been thinking about the personalised children’s books you can create. I absolutely love the idea of being able to do that, but I was a bit disappointed to see that there is not a non-binary option and/or they/them pronouns (or other gender neutral pronouns).

Hence, I have thought about writing my own, turning this very cute gift idea into a somewhat DIY gift idea for friends. Currently I am writing my own as an idea for a friend, but ze doesn’t know the story line. By now I’m pretty sure ze has gathered that I’m doing this in preparation for christmas.

Furthermore, I love that they have now added “THe incredible Intergalactic Journey Back Home”, again using the child’s name and photos from their home to create this book. Yet again, no gender neutral option which is a shame. I’m sure my friend would actually absolutely love something like this…
I just love these ideas, and hope that their choice of not having gender neutral options will inspire me to write my own (for friends, admittedly). I find it’s semi easy to create something like this yourself, maybe even handwritten. One could personalise it even more. Personally, I can’t say too much about how I will personalise my friend’s story haha, but so far I am having fun writing it. (By hand. Why? Because I am an idiot. That is why. Good luck reading that, matey)

Naturally, there are many websites where you can order personalised gifts (such as here, here and here). Etsy is a good place too, and a lot of other sites. I’m not very arts and craftsy, but from some of the things I have seen, I feel like I could try and make something similar. Maybe. Hopefully. (At some point). It’s nice to have my mind completely focus on one thing.


For a few days now, you are finally able to see what your Patronus is on Pottermore. Previously, I had done a test and found out my Patronus was a swan. Today, I finally did the test on Pottermore and found out, my Patronus is actually an Otter! I love both animals and am very pleased to have an Otter, just like Hermiones Patronus.


ADHD/ADD Meeting

I have inattentive ADHD, and today a friend and I are going to a Support Meeting in Brighton. I have never been to an “organised” support meeting, and i haven’t been to any of the drop ins in a very long time. We all agreed on keeping it all confidential so I wont actually say much about it. The topics we gathered we’re really interesting and the usual topics when brainstorming about ADHD/ADD.

I feel bad for not going more often to the group meet ups for some reason. I feel weirdly good after getting back home again. Even though I just realised I still got some prep to do before going back to Uni and its Thursday tomorrow… 😮

Good night, sleep tight


Friday Blues

Today started off really rocky. I felt horrible. Then I made the clever decision to leave the house with my family to go into town.

The Airshow in Eastbourne is on and we got to see some of the planes do some stunts, which was pretty great. I never seem to think the Airshow is special until I get to the seafront and suddenly, I have a huge urge to take photos of planes and take videos of them doing stunts. Next time, I’ll take my DSLR with me.
In town, I also walked passed a Christmas shop, which annoyed me. The earlier I see Christmas stuff, the more it kind of ruins it for me. We don’t really celebrate Christmas since I turned 18, but I have very fond memories. But seeing Christmas stuff too early, really ruins it. It takes away the fun, the Christmas feeling.
This Afternoon, I also went to see BFG at the cinema. It made me laugh and feel better, so that was good. It was fuller than I had expected, but at the same time, I wasn’t too surprised.
The Evening has been weirdly filled with figuring out where everybody is sleeping, reorganising furniture, and the arrival of another foster child. Dinner was late, but yummy. Now, I’m calming down with a mixture of music and Finding Carter.
I don’t know what tomorrow brings. A new day, a new start. I haven’t practised Japanese today, nor have I drunk enough water if I am honest. However, I have been working on some characters for a book. So. Yay.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I think I can hear somebody vomit outside my window. Omg. Eww.


St. Nikolaus!

Today is December 6th and in Germany, today is St Nikolaus (or St Nicholas) and in most parts of Northern Germany, as far as I know, this is celebrated as a pre-Christmas kind of thing.

Without googling and purely out of my experience growing up in Germany where this was celebrated, children would put a boot or shoe next to their bedroom door on December 5th and on the next morning the boot would be filled with gifts, usually santa chocolate figures, sweets and possibly other small gifts and personal bits and pieces in there. As far as I can remember, St Nikolaus was the bringer of gifts and shared his cape, and some other clothes items and even his donkey with the poor.

I guess it kind of goes back to the festive season being the season where most people share with others and most charities seem to be active in the Media and everything (this might just be my view).

Now, living in England, my mum either forgets about it or simply can’t be bothered. This year, because of the looming holiday, the new dog and everything else, it’s pretty obvious why my mum couldn’t be bothered to get the fosterchild and me something. Also, I am 22… Saying that, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of these little german festivities I grew up with. It’s just always been there and to me, it’ll always be a part of my festive season.

All of this is just out of my experience with this day and actually reading up on St Nikolaus, I am aware of similar celebrations in western Europe. It’s quite interesting. There is a lot on St Nikolaus online, as suspected. This kind of sums it up short and sweetly.

As said, we didn’t really celebrate Nikolaus this year, but I did buy myself some Enid Blyton books, some chocolate and two Itunes cards as a treat (there was also a deal on the Itunes cards)

Mistletoe hugs



Featured Image: (x)

Day 2 of December!

Just about.

I’m sorry.

For the late post (It’s like 23:27 aka 11:27pm in the UK right now), I thought I’d share some of my photos from Germany and the christmas markets I visited there, and also some funny vlogmas videos I have watched today.

So, to explain the first picture, I am always very amused by the German language everywhere when I first see it again after a few months. I was also amused by how the police cars looked like, but I cannot tell you why.

Food-wise I really miss German breakfasts, so we went to a restaurant who do really yummy breakfast buffets. I ate a lot there, and it was delicious. I also drank a lot of coffee. Living there, I never realised how strong the coffees were, and it still surprises me.

The other pictures pretty much sum up the Christmas markets I went to. I visited the Harsewinkeler one, the one in Guetersloh and the one in Bielefeld. Size wise, Harsewinkel is pretty tiny, Gutersloh isn’t much bigger, but Bielefeld is the biggest out of the three of them.
I ate a lot of food there, especially in Bielefeld. I just walked from stall to stall going “Oh, I remember those! I need to eat some!”. So I ended up eating a Banana on a stick covered in chocolate, things called Quarkinis (picture in the link). They’re like weird doughnut like things. And Currywurst. I had quite a lot Currywurst. A friend later sent me a photo of Candy apples that looked so awesome, I had to share them.

I hope I can go back visiting Christmas markets again next year. I hope to see my friends before that.

Now to some cute Vlogmas videos.

There’s Miranda’s video, which is short, sweet and funny.
Sharla’s video has a cute fluffy cat in it and she is travelling to my favourite country: Malaysia (visited Malaysia, love it, cant wait to go back). The Mail opening is also very cute.
Mandatory, I obviously follow Emma Blackery, so here is Emma’s video. No offence, BUT … Only kidding. I totally get what she is saying. It’s like saying “I don’t want to be racist, but…”. You’re basically warning people, that you’re gonna be racist.
I personally don’t follow Zoella on youtube, but I still feel obliged, to link back to the christmassy theme, her video. It’s her vlogmas from 01.12.2015, and it’s very festive.

I’m going to leave it there. Hugs, and mistletoe kisses,



Words can do a lot. They help us communicate our thoughts with others. They help us figure each other out, figuring other things out and asking for help for example.

Words can do many good things. They can also hurt and cause pain and confuse. They can be ambiguous and convey more than just one meaning.

Studying words, they, quite frankly, just give me a headache and all I can think of are trees. But that is not the point.

The point I am trying to make is, that what you are saying can be hurtful, even though you don’t mean your words to be hurtful.
In this point I do not wish to talk about how your body language, tone of voice and other contextual information aid how the meaning of words can be conveyed to others.

I would like to talk about being trans. Recently, I have openly spoken to my family about it. They fully support me. I kind of came out to my friends just now, mainly because I felt like I should spell out what is actually happening right now. I had changed my name on facebook and other social media without giving those closest to me more information.
So far, I have only had positive support. However, one of the comments included “brave to have decided to do so”. I know this person means well, but I haven’t “decided” this. It’s one of those things I was born with, I guess.

I found this as a reaction to this, which I thought was interesting and worth reading.

Short and sweet.
Soon, I should update ya’ll on my trip to the Harry Potter studio tour near London. I’m also going to Germany for a weekend to visit my friends (and to eat ALL THE FOOD), and I am very excited.

That is it for now.

Hugs and all things positive,


50 Wildlife Photographers of the year exhibition Brighton

Since I visited London last, on my Birthday in May, I’ve been meaning to visit this exhibition. I wanted to go to the Natural History Museum in London, but I ran out of time and didn’t make it. Luckily Brighton Museum and Art Gallery also had this exhibition on. Yesterday I finally went there and had a look around. With a student discount I only had to pay £3 to get in. Mum, Stepdad and Fosterchild got a Family ticket and paid just over £10

Because we went on a Sunday, I expected a lot more people to be in the museum in general, but it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. We went around lunch time, so maybe that’s why. The museum itself is very interesting and currently has stuff on ancient Egypt and life in Brighton.

The photography exhibition was located upstairs, next to an area where they were selling cakes and coffees. I couldn’t find a lift going upstairs so stairs it was. If you’d need a lift, the staff there might be able to help.
Again, there weren’t many people and it was very quiet, contrasting to the amount of people in the Pavilion gardens. The pictures were simply amazing and had some details under each photo -photographer, technical details, location, etc. The print was rather small, but they had the same information in bigger print in booklets lying around (different booklets, different photos + information).

The exhibition definitely inspired me to carry on working with Photography and that it takes a lot of time to take one photo, but that it’s absolutely worth it.

There was also a small little Museum shop, where you could purchase a book for £35, with all the photographs in I believe, and a few other souvenirs, magnets, etc. I didn’t actually buy something relating to the Photography exhibition. I bought one of JJ Waller’s books (Brighton, Vol:01) for £11.99.

The Royal Pavilion in March 2015
The Royal Pavilion in March 2015 (Have no photos of the museum yet :o)

Greetings from rainy Britain,



Internet Stuff

I thought I ought to share some recent internet stuff I came across or have used.


I watched this video yesterday and was very amused, entertained and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mark Wiens’ videos I find really interesting anyways, but his series on food in Malaysia made me miss Malaysia a lot. Malaysia feels a lot like home, even though I’ve only been there about three times.

Talking about travel, I obviously have to talk about Japan also. Life where I’m from is simply an adorable youtube channel I stumbled upon only a few days ago.


Reading is one of my huge interests, although I’m not a quick reader and I haven’t read that much yet. I’m a late bloomer and only started reading for fun until some time after the age of 11 and even then I mainly stuck to Harry Potter, Wizards and Vampires. It’s fair to say, that I’m now playing catch up by reading Narnia for example. Though Harry Potter is a huge love of mine and I doubt that will ever go away. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll make use of 13 Stories to fill the Harry Potter void featured on Bookriot.

Although I haven’t really explored The Internet Book Database, it seems like an incredibly good idea and worth sharing, in case you haven’t heard of it yet.

Online Shopping

I recently ordered some items from here. I can quite easily say, I’ve never been this excited about a package for a very long time.

Continuing on with online shopping, I was curious as to where I could order Japanese candy from. I found Tofu Cute. Although I haven’t ordered anything from there yet, I’m pretty sure I will in the future. For a while now I’ve been curious about the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat, so I look forward to trying it out some time.

Other Blogs

Something I’ve added to my bookmarks, is this blog. I think it’s incredibly cute and I actually really like the pictures. It’s very personal, which I enjoy.

As a student, I have until October before my 2nd year begins. To keep my mind focused on what I’m studying, I found a blog on English Language. I think this is going to be useful to have some of the basic stuff in one place.


I’m going to throw in a post on Body Image by Evanna Lynch. Harsh words, but very true.

As somebody who’d identify as a gay trans male, 9 Transgender Men of Colour You Should Know is also a very lovely and very recent find.

It’s been over a year now since the second foster child of my mum and stepfather arrived into our world. He has his problems; one of them is school. I don’t deal with that, but still found this article interesting. I also have my problems and really feel for the children out there. I know many people struggle to understand and help people with disabilities and issues that aren’t obvious or visible, such as depression, anxiety, ME, trauma, abuse, ADHD/ADD and anything on the Autism Spectrum. As much as people struggle to understand, many more other people struggle and suffer because it sometimes feels like nobody really cares and it can be very difficult to communicate what one feels, needs and how it is to be different in ways many people don’t see. The older I get the more I realise this. This could be a whole post on its own.

I’m just going to leave it at this.

Have a great day/night! Stay safe.

~ Ciaran ~

Ps: Featured Image taken by myself, in Brighton…

Summary: Days Home Alone

My stepdad won this thing at his work. He won a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed, hence the Game of Thrones tour and all the merchandise. I do watch this particular series and was awfully jealous I couldn’t go too. He could only take my mum. Although I’m now planning on going there in the near future, I did have quite a few nice days home alone.


I took care of our family pet, Molly. She missed mum a lot!


One of the packages that arrived was this one from here. I’ve never been so excited about post in my life.


I obviously had to have some fast food. Domino’s was my choice for one of the evenings. And possibly another evening… I just love pizza, especially tuna pizza. Domino’s is the only place I can get tuna pizza from.


And, last but not least, my dear mum gave me some gifts. They are adorable and cute, yet I still have to see if the t-shirt fits (if not, it will soon!).


That’s all for now, personal thing over, have a great day/evening,


What makes me smile…

Harry Potter
Harry Potter books and movies usually put a smile on my face. When I’m upset, I pick up a HP book or movie and instantly feel a bit better (unless its the 7th one).

The Minions
Anything with a minion on it will make me giggle for about five minutes. Even the minions milk chocolate I just bought…

FullSizeRender (1)

My “office” is incredibly colourful and packed with colouring pens, watercolours, etc. I don’t know if this will change in autumn and winter, but so far there are colours everywhere!

Books + Music
I love books. I love music. Concerts, bookshops and libraries fill me with pure joy.

It distracts me enough from negative thoughts and by the time I’ve taken a good photo, I have a smile on my face.

I love walking through forests and listening to the leaves in the wind… A walk through a forest is very calming and relaxing.

Friends and Family
Obviously. A hug from mum, kind words from my friends are always awesome. Spending time with my friends and family helps put a smile on my face.