5 Things about the UK

Five Things that are still weird to me in the UK

So these are five things that are still weird to me compared to Germany. They’re all just based on personal opinion.

  1. The fascination with Oak Furniture.
    – Just don’t get it. How? Why?
  2. The weird (small) houses.
    Like. I don’t think I will ever get used to a lot of the houses here?
  3. Their love for carpets (EVERYWHERE).
    I hate carpets. And I have been to places where there had even been carpets in the restroom. Its just so impractical?
  4. Thank You Cards for teachers.
    I get this one, but also not really? But then I do feel like this country loves their cards more than Germany.
  5. Many people learn Spanish and/or German. What about French?
    This is just something I personally noticed around me to be honest.

Bonus: Not being able to deal with (non-)significant weather changes. Heavy Rain, Snow, Strong(er) winds and suddenly there is chaos everywhere. Random leaves floating around always creates trains to be late and/or cancelled in autumn, too.

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Wonderful Christmas Memories

Today I had nothing particular planned but thought it might be a nice idea to share some wonderful Christmas memories.

I haven’t got one memory for just Christmas eve or Christmas morning -I grew up in Germany so I’d open some gifts on Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas morning. My memories stretch from end of November, where kids would roam the streets with lanterns and sing songs to get sweets to New Years Eve parties with my friends

I remember loving to make the Christmas lanterns at school and meeting up with my friends to sing songs for St Martins day parades

I remember having Adventskraenze and lighting a candle on each Advent -four sundays before Christmas eve, first one candle, then two, then three and on Christmas eve the fourth candle would be lit. Stories would be told, games played and time spent with the family. My family never really did this, as its more a German thing as far as I know, but I remember the smell of orange and cinnamon and every monday, our history teacher would tell us a short story in the morning before we began the lesson.

I remember putting up the tree and having little book things to hang up on the tree and seeing the ornaments as little, precious toys. I remember loving the smell of real trees and just feeling happy and at home.

I remember unwrapping loads of presents and feeling so happy, I could’ve exploded. I remember getting help setting up a barbie van or something with my cousin, with my Mum and uncle around.

It might just be me, but in the UK, I haven’t heard anything like St Martin’s parades or Advents wreaths or whatever they’re called in English. Good memories tho, difficult to put into words haha.

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