5 Things about the UK

Five Things that are still weird to me in the UK

So these are five things that are still weird to me compared to Germany. They’re all just based on personal opinion.

  1. The fascination with Oak Furniture.
    – Just don’t get it. How? Why?
  2. The weird (small) houses.
    Like. I don’t think I will ever get used to a lot of the houses here?
  3. Their love for carpets (EVERYWHERE).
    I hate carpets. And I have been to places where there had even been carpets in the restroom. Its just so impractical?
  4. Thank You Cards for teachers.
    I get this one, but also not really? But then I do feel like this country loves their cards more than Germany.
  5. Many people learn Spanish and/or German. What about French?
    This is just something I personally noticed around me to be honest.

Bonus: Not being able to deal with (non-)significant weather changes. Heavy Rain, Snow, Strong(er) winds and suddenly there is chaos everywhere. Random leaves floating around always creates trains to be late and/or cancelled in autumn, too.

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Back into Reading & Book Reviews

Now, post holiday and post house move, I’m finally getting back into reading I’m finishing off some lose ends by finishing two books I started on holiday. Surprisingly, I had problems reading a lot while on holiday, without any clear reason really.

Books I have read

WeWe by Yevgeny Zamyatin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this on my kindle and was immediately fascinated by the storyline. But the book didn’t captivate me at any point and struggled to keep up the momentum somewhat. I was interested by what would happen. At the same time, I wasn’t surprised by how it turned out.

I read this on holiday and I feel a bit off having had this as my holiday read. In hindsight I’m regretting having this as my holiday read, despite being glad that I read it.

Midnight MonologuesMidnight Monologues by Charissa Ong Ty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed her poems and short stories. Many of the poems I found very relatable and spoke to me on a very personal level. At times, I even teared up. I picked this up on my way back home from holiday at an Airport, and I am so glad that I did.

So many of the poems, if not all of them, made me think a lot about myself. There’s some really deep stuff and it amazed me several times as to how deep some of the poetry actually was.

IntrusionIntrusion by Ken MacLeod

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book, but alas. The female characters are flat and boring as heck. The whole novel could easily be summarised into one paragraph. Not even half way through the book I disliked all of the female characters. Personally I think that a cis man writing a book with a pregnant woman and this “fix” explains why the female characters are so boring and not even vaguely stereotypical.

I just feel really frustrated and somewhat disappointed by this book.

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Three Things I learned at University

Now that my graduation is coming closer and closer, I thought it would be interesting to share three non-academic things I learned at University.

Three Things I learned

  1. Nothing is forever. Pain is temporary, you can get through whatever you have to get through and make the most of happy, memorable events.
  2. It’s not a bad thing to reach out to others. Asking for help is quite the opposite. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help or to talk to somebody.
  3. I learned to push myself. Despite having GAD and Depression, I successfully managed to get through several presentations during my second and third year at University. Every presentation gave me more self esteem and confidence for the next one.

Bouns point:

4. Don’t wait around for others. Do things by yourself. If you’re scared of others judging you: they’re already judging you, so you might as well do whatever the hell you want.

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I have a few bookmarks that are currently not in books. They’re not special (well, to me they are).

Some are, obviously, from Book depository. Others I have gathered on Holiday. Ashdown Forest is a Forest a drive away from where I live and is really beautiful.

Some other bookmarks are currently sitting in books. At some point, I’ll gather them all and see how many I actually have. I can’t remember when I last actually bought a bookmark. The only one I can see that I actually bought is the one from Ashdown Forest last summer.

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Spiderman: Homecoming -Initial Review

Spiderman: Homecoming -A (very) Short Review

This is a very short review of Spiderman: Homecoming and is really just my initial thoughts on it. I’ve only seen it once so far.

I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure how much I love it? It deals with some serious stuff, which I think is amazing. I love the action that happens. But something doesn’t quite feels right. None of the characters and relationships seem very in depth. They feel like they were just casually whipped up and were forgotten for most of the process of making the movie. Spiderman/Peter Parker himself is relatable, and so is what he’s going through with trying to prove himself.

All in all, I feel like I had hoped for so much more than what I got somehow. I think I’d need to watch it again, to really narrow down how I feel about the whole movie, the characters and everything. Then I might be able to also explain why I feel a certain way about things.


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Sunny Saturday

It is truly lovely weather outside. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and its a Saturday. Saturdays are usually my favourite day of the week, and I do enjoy the sun.

But recently I just haven’t been feeling myself. I think its a combination of Holiday blues and moving house. I can’t seem to get into the habit of writing anything, despite having many ideas. Is it too warm? Am I too preoccupied? Who knows, because I don’t.

I really hope this weird mood disappears soon so I can really figure out what to write about and what to film for my youtube channel.

Things I considered writing were book reviews and movie reviews. I watch heck of a lot of movies and when I do manage to read a book, I would enjoy reviewing it properly (instead of just in my mind).

I personally would love to review recent movies here on this blog, from a queer biracial point of view. Time to set some time aside for that! (And to remember to actually take some notes before and after?)

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Shoot for the moon and if you miss you can still be among the stars -Les Brown

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Hello Again

So, naturally, I managed to abandon the 30 Day writing Challenge. I’m partially blaming the fact that I was on holiday and I’m categorically unable to plan ahead. But I’m back.

We’re currently moving home so I’m still not sure on a set structure of posts. There will be another brief update on Monday hopefully, if we have Internet at the new place when we move in. If not, there will hopefully be a longer update on a schedule and everything when I either get to Starbucks or we finally have wifi again.

For today, I really wanted to share this link with you, based on the youtube video below that I finally watched today.

Occasionally I fall into researching Japanese fashion trends and stuff, without ever really feeling like I could actually follow any kind of fashion trend because of my weight. I can’t sow, I can barely knit or anything so I’m really unable to make my own clothing. Usually I get really upset and impulsively eat a bunch of food which just makes me feel worse and its a really rough circle to get out of. But recently I’ve managed to start pulling myself out of this rough circle (super difficult but I am trying so hard). Hence, I’m actually using looking at fashion trends as motivation and inspiration to eat healthily and work out to lose weight and live healthily.

So instead of wallowing in my bitterness, I’m accepting this feeling, realising that this is something I can actively change and that it is something that I really want to change about myself. I know what I have to do to change the reason for my bitterness, so I shall do exactly that. Says the one who literally just drank a really sugary energy drink and had Nutella on their toast. Personally, I believe in moderation and treating yourself sometimes (otherwise I find it impossible to stick to something if it’s a “never can I ever eat this again”).

Now, after my holiday, I should find it quite “easy” to eat more healthily again and exercise more. I’ve stopped eating gluten again. Going gluten free usually reduces my appetite naturally. And since I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on gluten free cookies or cakes or something (which I don’t really enjoy that much anyway), there is really quite little I can actually binge on. The one thing I do really need to work on is portion size and not drinking so many sugary drinks.

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ソメイヨシノ - 平安神宮にて / Heian-jingu Shrine in Spring
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Writing Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself

  1. I love Harry Potter
  2. I’m a proud Ravenclaw
  3. I hate mushrooms
  4. I love travelling to Malaysia
  5. My favourite colour is blue
  6. I was born two months prematurely
  7. I have depression and general anxiety disorder
  8. I hate wearing a swimsuit
  9. But I love swimming
  10. I can’t remember ever being skinny
  11. When I was younger, I used to lie about what my favourite colour was. I just copied others
  12. I also used to lie about what I wanted to be when I grew up, and just copied other people
  13. I think I was about 13 when I thought about committing suicide for the first time
  14. I love the sea, but hate the feeling of stickiness after.
  15. I only really got into Photography, because a family friend once said I “had an eye for things” a few years ago. My stepdad had tried to get me into photography for years prior to this, but I wasn’t very interested until this moment.
  16. I started puberty when I was 9
  17. I was bullied for being the first person with a growing chest
  18. I was also called Gorilla at school, because of my skin colour
  19. My Granny left me a lovely doll. Her name is Sonya. She survived the bombings in Berlin
  20. I never thought I’d leave Germany. Now I can’t see myself ever moving back there
  21. Most of my friends are non-british. By “most” I mean all of my (few) friends.
  22. I used to ship Harry and Ron, Hermione and Draco.
  23. I also ship Harry with Cedric.
  24. Every summer, I promise I’ll lose weight before I go back to school/university. I usually just get fatter.
  25. I have brown eyes and black hair. In summer, some of my hair looks dark brown.
  26. I nearly had counselling once because of my suicidal tendencies, but we went on a family holiday instead.
  27. I have very fond memories of my childhood. Until puberty started. I then tuned all emotions out as best as I could.
  28. I once wanted a guitar so badly for Christmas, I got a new TV instead and nearly cried (I was such an ungrateful little shit, I hope nobody noticed. I hate myself for my materialistic selfish past)
  29. My favourite flowers are red roses.
  30. I love playing Harvest Moon games.

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Writing Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Your Zodiac Sign

My Zodiac sign is taurus, and I don’t think much about it to be honest. Apparently, this zodiac sign is quite stubborn, from what I remember. I can be quite stubborn. Otherwise I don’t really know much about zodiac signs.

Hence, I had to do a tiny bit of reading. According to this, I do sound very much like a typical taurus. I love to travel the world. Having to find love whilst traveling sounds very much like something I would do. Otherwise it just sounds quite weird to me to be honest.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: Something that you miss

I miss being a child, and riding my bike everywhere. I used to hate riding my bike at times, when it was rainy or windy. But really, I miss it now.

Very often, wherever I went, I’d go there by bike. I miss that feeling in my legs, or the wind in my hair, or the sound of a bike. I’m not quite sure why I miss that. Maybe it’s the childhood memories. Everything was so innocent then, and I didn’t have any worries apart from my imaginary tea party.

Riding my bike as a kid is definitely something I miss.

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