Blogmas Day 11: TB Thailand and Vietnam

It’s been two years since I’ve visited Thailand. We went for Christmas. Last year, we went to Vietnam. This year, we aren’t going anywhere for christmas. It feels weird, but nice. Nice, but also weird. It was the first time we went on holiday over Christmas. As a child I used to hate the idea of travelling abroad over Christmas (what would you do with all the gifts?!) Now I actually really like the idea of being away over Christmas.

I loved the experience of visiting Thailand in general. All of it was a great experience and I really want to go again. Bangkok is a city I really want to visit again.

In Vietnam, I loved the food and the people. I really miss the coffee, and I would love to explore more of Vietnam.

The next family holiday is in June, back to Malaysia.

Thailand pictures:

Ciaran Rhys
Ciaran Rhys
Ciaran Rhys

Vietnam pictures:

Ciaran Rhys
Ciaran Rhys
Ciaran Rhys
Ciaran Rhys

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Blogmas day 8: Photography

Today I had a session with my Mentor in which we spoke about my low self esteem, which is apparently more difficult than I thought. I nearly cried several times, but only NEARLY.

She kept focusing on the fact that one of my strengths seem to be my photos. I don’t think so. Not sure if thats my low self esteem or the fact that my photos really aren’t that special. I’ve never really seen it as a strength. It’s just my creative way of relaxing. The only creative way I really know to relax. And it is not something I keep up with regularly.

I guess it is something I can build upon.

Pictures of the day

Bernd Schaefers
Autumn image
Tomo M
Island of silence (explored)

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Another Two for Tuesday

Even though I’m trying to have a really simple set up so even if I dont feel like writing, I can focus on publishing SOMETHING, I still fail to stick to the routine somehow… I’m going to blame my ADD/ADHD for that one.

Word of the Day:

1) Tere
-Estonian for Hello
My Estonian friend has been teaching people a bit of Estonian and got super excited when I spoke a little Estonian to her

Die Schneeflocke
-German for The Snowflake
They had snow in Germany today. I like snow when I am inside, don’t have to go out and am keeping warm. Also, only like snow for one day. The longer it goes on the less I like it.

Poem of the Day: Success is counted sweetest

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.
Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of victory
As he defeated – dying –
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph

Burst agonized and clear!

by Emily Dickinson

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Photos of the Day


Ciaran Rhys
Ferris Wheel in Red, Twilight Yokohama MM21

Missed Topic Opportunities

Twice in the past five days I had beautiful topics to talk about.

A-level results Day. And World Photography Day.

A-level results day

But I didn’t. But I feel like I should say something to A-levels, going to college/university, future plans, etc.

Whatever you plan on doing now, it will not last. If you feel horrible because you didn’t get into where you wanted to get into, or didn’t get the grades  you wanted -you’re young and have all the time in the world to do it all.

Who says you have to everything when you’re young? Take a deep breath and see what you want to do right now. Wanna try to get what you wanted right now? Go ahead, I believe in you.

You wanna take a break, find something you really wanna do, or focus on something you really want to do? Do that. Go travel for a few months or a year. Thing is. You’re not missing out, you’re not stupid. You are awesome, clever and strong. Celebrate individuality and stop testing a fish’s ability to climb a tree.

There are other ways and means to get to where you want to be and on other paths you might find out other things about yourself and/or the world, you might chop and change things as you go along and that is totally fine. You wanna do literature now? Great. You also want to do sciences and got knows what else, but want to focus on literature right now and don’t actually know what to focus on? Focus on one thing now, like literature. See where that takes you. Then add science, and whatever else.

I’m studying English Language and Linguistics now. I still want to do literature and I’m really interested in Photography. Only because I’m doing the one thing right now, doesn’t mean I can’t do the other things at some point too. Later, that might change. Just like language, humans always change. It’d be weird if we didn’t. Please don’t panic. You’re doing great.

If you just wanna speak about it, do leave a message? Sometimes even just that helps, putting it all down into words, even though you can’t find the words. Tell me that, if you’re really anxious and panicky, about anything even, doesn’t have to be about school/college/university. I’m not perfect, by  any means, but I’m a good listener.

World Photo Day

Since most of my photos aren’t online yet, I thought for this part I could just… share my favourite photographers.

The first one that comes to mind without particular reason is Ansel Adams. Especially MT. MCKINLEY AND WONDER LAKE is absolutely amazing.


I also absolutely love Japanese Street Photography (example: here) Furthermore, I really like the photos from Takashi Yasui, such as this one:


There are two different interests in Photography, conflicting in fact, but I really love landscape photography and street photography.

Additionally, Crystal Ball Photography is amazing to me. These photos are by Andrius Aleksandravičius and his Crystal Ball Project.

Winter | GlassBallProject After Sunset | Glass Ball Project

Anoter amazing Project is the Little People project. I think the whole idea is really creative and an idea I would like take on board.



I think I’m gonna leave it there haha.

Have a good weekend!



With my third visit to the Harry Potter studios coming up next week, I thought I’d speak about Quidditch and Photography. Following articles like this one are really inspiring me to do a project like this one with my friends. Anshu Agarwal has created some amazing pictures, including the featured image of this post.


At uni, they had some Quidditch games going on, organised by Parklife, which I obviously attended (IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND YES the poster has seen better days). Hopefully, in summer, there will be more matches. So I hope to take many pictures, similar to the ones taken by Thibault Kruyts, as seen below.


This is something I want to get into. Not as a Quidditch player, but they’re incredible fun to watch. I got so excited, I’m still buzzing now!

I had my DSLR with me for the match at Uni, but I failed to capture some of the good moments, another reason I hope to get another chance at visiting Quidditch matches. These five tips would’ve been really helpful beforehand, but I didn’t expect them to allow me to take photos with my DSLR to be honest.

That is it for now.

Happy Sunday!


Happy New Year!

It is finally 2016 and I am going to write about plans for the new year and review my last year very briefly. It all looks longer than it actually is.

Reviewing last year briefly, I have grown as a person. I believe in myself more and I actually, officially came out as trans. I have learnt a lot about myself and have travelled to Germany twice and I visited Vietnam. I am more creative, I believe. I visited the Harry Potter studio tours, which proved to me that I can deal with my anxiety. I’m dealing with it a lot better, hence why I could travel to the studios mostly by myself, and I didn’t freak out once, not even when my phone died on the way home.

Now, to 2016. I didn’t read as much as I hoped to. This year, I hope to read more. I hope to write more and be more involved in photographic projects. I hope to spend less money on material things and more on non-material things. By that, I can’t wait to meet up with a friend in London to see 21 Pilots in February and I can’t wait to go to Amsterdam with this same friend in Summer. At the end of Summer, around September, I hope to travel to Malaysia again -a country I love to visit.
I hope to spend my time more productively. Not just academic wise, but also privately working on photography. I don’t feel awfully proud of photos I have taken in the past year, so I hope to change that.

My main aim I guess is to make it into my third year at University. I’m not a good student but I like what I am studying, and although it’s difficult, I’m not disliking any of it so far. On the academic note, here‘s my link for today. Textbooks are always a hassle and a tip on saving money is always a good one.

On a side note, I hope to see my friends from Germany again. Hopefully they can come over in summer. I also hope, I can take at least one of them to the Harry Potter studios, as none of them have been yet.

Ah this post is a lot longer than I expected. Sorry?

For this blog, I don’t want to be just another trans person writing about their story. But thinking about it, I might just do that -write about my story. Not just as a trans person, but as somebody who grew up bilingual and in Germany. So my story, if they’re not specifically about a certain event, will have a twist to them (hopefully). Even though I’ve lived in England for a while now and have a mostly British Family, I still find myself walking around with a non-British mindset. That might be fun sharing with the internet.

Anyway, before I talk too much.

Happy New Year, I wish you all all the best.


50 Wildlife Photographers of the year exhibition Brighton

Since I visited London last, on my Birthday in May, I’ve been meaning to visit this exhibition. I wanted to go to the Natural History Museum in London, but I ran out of time and didn’t make it. Luckily Brighton Museum and Art Gallery also had this exhibition on. Yesterday I finally went there and had a look around. With a student discount I only had to pay £3 to get in. Mum, Stepdad and Fosterchild got a Family ticket and paid just over £10

Because we went on a Sunday, I expected a lot more people to be in the museum in general, but it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. We went around lunch time, so maybe that’s why. The museum itself is very interesting and currently has stuff on ancient Egypt and life in Brighton.

The photography exhibition was located upstairs, next to an area where they were selling cakes and coffees. I couldn’t find a lift going upstairs so stairs it was. If you’d need a lift, the staff there might be able to help.
Again, there weren’t many people and it was very quiet, contrasting to the amount of people in the Pavilion gardens. The pictures were simply amazing and had some details under each photo -photographer, technical details, location, etc. The print was rather small, but they had the same information in bigger print in booklets lying around (different booklets, different photos + information).

The exhibition definitely inspired me to carry on working with Photography and that it takes a lot of time to take one photo, but that it’s absolutely worth it.

There was also a small little Museum shop, where you could purchase a book for £35, with all the photographs in I believe, and a few other souvenirs, magnets, etc. I didn’t actually buy something relating to the Photography exhibition. I bought one of JJ Waller’s books (Brighton, Vol:01) for £11.99.

The Royal Pavilion in March 2015
The Royal Pavilion in March 2015 (Have no photos of the museum yet :o)

Greetings from rainy Britain,



Initial Photography Research Stuff

At the moment I am looking at Street Photography, Cityscape and such like. I usually take landscape photos, but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. The photographers that entered my mind immediately were Walker Evans (Polaroid), Jasper James (City Silhouettes) and Natsumi Hayashi (Levitating Photography).

The next photographers I found during initial research: Peter Funch, Ronya Galka and Maciej Dakowicz.

Somebody also suggested Philip Dicorcia and Alexey Titarenko (City of Shadows).

I’m a bit worried about doing Street Photography and not sure if I should really go down that path. I guess I should at least give it a try.