Monday Madness: Why I’m glad I gave up Gluten

I have given up gluten for nearly two years, and I am really glad that I am. Recently, I have realised why I am glad that I gave up gluten.

After having given up Gluten for over a year (nearly two), I have come to realise what benefits I have actually noticed from not eating gluten for a significant amount of time. After the holiday in Malaysia, where I ate gluten, I have noticed a lot of changes I wasn’t necessarily aware of before hand.

One of the things I noticed pretty soon after I gave up gluten in the first place was that my skin was a lot better, I generally had more energy and my general feeling of wellbeing was better. I didn’t feel as tired, sluggish or as hungry.

Recently, after the holiday and a recent meal that included gluten, I noticed several other  things that I hadn’t realised before.

Let me clarify.

Apart from loss of energy, bad skin, rise in appetite, a feeling of sluggishness and tiredness beyond normality, I noticed I had symptoms of a cold.
These symptoms very often arise due to allergic reactions to foods. I was coughing and my head was hurting, but only for a brief period of time directly after I ate a meal of gluten and dairy. Before I officially gave up gluten last year, I remember constantly feeling like having a cold, without actually having a cold. I kept coughing, and having a weird headache. Both of this stopped as soon as I gave up gluten, and resurfaced when I ate gluten again.

I also have polycystic ovaries, and have heck of a lot of pain during That Week. This noticeably decreased when I stopped eating gluten, and resurfaced dramatically when I ate gluten again. My Shark Weeks since having given up gluten had been what most could consider normal, with very little pain. So it’s not like it was a odd month or two out of the norm. It had been 12+ (close to 20) months in a row with very little pain and discomfort. Nothing compared to the pain prior to giving up gluten, or the pain I have right now because of having eaten gluten for three weeks at the end of June.

Furthermore, I sleep better without eating gluten, eat more healthily and my mood is better. I myself have also noticed that my ADD(/ADHD), Aspergers, GAD and Depression are easier to deal with when I don’t eat gluten. Every little helps, as they say.

I just thought I’d put this out there. It’s just personally what I’ve experienced and I really felt like I should share. Maybe someone will read this and it’ll help them. Additionally, out of personal experience, doctors hesitate to mention giving up gluten helps with mental health a lot, since they’d rather prescribe tablets and stuff.

Anyway. I’m going to go curl up in a ball, hug a hot water bottle, and drink some tea.

Link of the Day

I somehow came across Recovery Letters from those who have struggled with different forms of Depression. I skim read one of them, which dragged me out of a little black whole. At the same time, I couldn’t read the whole letter, nor could I read any others out of fear they might trigger me. Despite this, the idea of having these letters of recovery to read, made me feel better, and a bit stronger.

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