5 English Language related Things

Five English Language things that are stuck in my mind because they amuse me

  1. Where is the autumn, winter or spring house??
    This came about because we moved house, and this new house has a summer house. We have two Foster Children who are learning English, and one of them correctly pointed out, that he’d never heard of a summer house. He then questioned why that word existed and where the autumn, winter and spring house were.
  2. Metaphor vs Metaphor
    I still pronounce this in a very german way. It just feels comfier pronouncing it that way, instead of the British way. Fun fact, I held a five minute presentation once about metaphors, and said it the German way the entire time. The teacher didn’t correct me until the presentation was over.
  3. Ridikulus vs ridiculous
    Thanks to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, every time I say ridiculous, I giggle to myself purely because of that scene in that movie.
  4. School vs Schule
    In Germany, I remember walking around making fun of the word “school” because we’d pronounce the sounds differently. It makes more sense in a video which I will be uploading on my channel, so make sure to check out my channel and subscribe so ya’ll don’t miss out on that video. I’m too lazy to write out the phonetics and everything for that at the moment oops.
  5. Lena vs Lina
    This is another thing where I’d ideally write out the phonetic differences between the German pronunciation of Lena and the British pronunciation of that name. This will be in the same video as School vs Schule.

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