Spiderman: Homecoming -Initial Review

Spiderman: Homecoming -A (very) Short Review

This is a very short review of Spiderman: Homecoming and is really just my initial thoughts on it. I’ve only seen it once so far.

I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure how much I love it? It deals with some serious stuff, which I think is amazing. I love the action that happens. But something doesn’t quite feels right. None of the characters and relationships seem very in depth. They feel like they were just casually whipped up and were forgotten for most of the process of making the movie. Spiderman/Peter Parker himself is relatable, and so is what he’s going through with trying to prove himself.

All in all, I feel like I had hoped for so much more than what I got somehow. I think I’d need to watch it again, to really narrow down how I feel about the whole movie, the characters and everything. Then I might be able to also explain why I feel a certain way about things.


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