Hello Again

So, naturally, I managed to abandon the 30 Day writing Challenge. I’m partially blaming the fact that I was on holiday and I’m categorically unable to plan ahead. But I’m back.

We’re currently moving home so I’m still not sure on a set structure of posts. There will be another brief update on Monday hopefully, if we have Internet at the new place when we move in. If not, there will hopefully be a longer update on a schedule and everything when I either get to Starbucks or we finally have wifi again.

For today, I really wanted to share this link with you, based on the youtube video below that I finally watched today.

Occasionally I fall into researching Japanese fashion trends and stuff, without ever really feeling like I could actually follow any kind of fashion trend because of my weight. I can’t sow, I can barely knit or anything so I’m really unable to make my own clothing. Usually I get really upset and impulsively eat a bunch of food which just makes me feel worse and its a really rough circle to get out of. But recently I’ve managed to start pulling myself out of this rough circle (super difficult but I am trying so hard). Hence, I’m actually using looking at fashion trends as motivation and inspiration to eat healthily and work out to lose weight and live healthily.

So instead of wallowing in my bitterness, I’m accepting this feeling, realising that this is something I can actively change and that it is something that I really want to change about myself. I know what I have to do to change the reason for my bitterness, so I shall do exactly that. Says the one who literally just drank a really sugary energy drink and had Nutella on their toast. Personally, I believe in moderation and treating yourself sometimes (otherwise I find it impossible to stick to something if it’s a “never can I ever eat this again”).

Now, after my holiday, I should find it quite “easy” to eat more healthily again and exercise more. I’ve stopped eating gluten again. Going gluten free usually reduces my appetite naturally. And since I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on gluten free cookies or cakes or something (which I don’t really enjoy that much anyway), there is really quite little I can actually binge on. The one thing I do really need to work on is portion size and not drinking so many sugary drinks.

Photo of the Day

ソメイヨシノ - 平安神宮にて / Heian-jingu Shrine in Spring
Yuya Horikawa

Video of the Day


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