30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Ten

Day Ten: Write about something you feel strongly about

Again, this is a weird topic to choose just one, and then write about it. I feel strongly about a lot of things, but I always find it difficult to find the words. Equal Rights is a thing I feel strongly about. Harry Potter is naturally something I feel strongly about. Good education & equal opportunities for all and reading are other things I feel strongly about, which all work together somehow.  I feel really strongly about my friends and my family. What do I choose to talk about?

This is actually more difficult than I thought it should be.

I feel strongly about Harry Potter, because that is one community, I definitely belong to. It doesn’t matter what colour my skin is, where I am from or how I sound like when I speak. It’s all about the Harry Potter universe and that’s amazing. I never felt German, even though I grew up there, speak the language and was schooled there. I don’t feel British, even though most of my family is, and speaking English allows me to express myself better than German. I’m biracial, but grew up in a dominantly white community. I feel like I don’t belong to either community. Sometimes, when I speak, I still sound German. But none of that matters in the Harry Potter Universe.

Harry Potter has always been that constant in my life, and has gotten me through so many rough patches (school/bullying, depression, anxiety). It gave me a world to escape in, and I have never found another world that quite did the same. So, to no surprise to anyone, I feel strongly about Harry Potter.

I feel strongly about family and friends. My mother is so important to me. I also feel so remarkably lucky, that I have such a good relationship with her and many other family members. All of my friends are so strong and amazing and supportive. I’d die for all of them, without a second thought.

With having finished my English Language and Linguistics degree, I decided I want to teach abroad. Not because that is seemingly the most obvious path to take with this degree, but because I feel strongly about giving people outside of Europe and USA a voice, if that makes sense. I don’t want to teach English, because I believe that it is a language everyone needs to learn to speak to get far in life, but because I believe that learning another language helps to understand your own culture and language, and your situation in the world. Growing up bilingual has given me greater sense of identity (despite not feeling German nor British) and a sense that language shouldn’t limit me in what I can or cannot do. I don’t just want to go out there and teach English, but give them general language skills in all the languages I speak, too, or am learning myself. Not being limited to that, I want to give people an equal chance to learn. I want to be able to give people the space to learn about their own language, culture and country, and to learn so much more beyond just the English language. I want to give people the opportunity to learn and grow, whether they are neurotypical or not, whether they are deaf, blind, both or neither. I guess I just want to give something of my good fortune back to those who aren’t given an opportunity. I’m not exactly sure what exactly this falls under. Good education, teaching, language? Possibly all.

Quote of the Day

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard
-Tim Notke

Photo of the Day

Block City
Different Visions

Video of the Day


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