Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: List 10 Songs that you’re loving right now

Natives -Warpaint
Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them -Main Titles
Bry -Disarm
SYML -here’s my love
Busted -Coming Home
Busted -Those Days Are Gone
Twenty One Pilots -Stressed Out
Moana -How Far I’ll Go
Westlife -How To Break A Heart
Busted -Meet you there

Harry Styles -Sign of the Times

To be honest, most of these I’m loving now, and have loved ever since I first heard them. Some of them (looking at number 9 and 10 there) I have loved for many years now and still do. Now I feel like going through Steps, S Club 7, Boyzone and Spice Girls.

FUCK I FORGOT THE SPICE GIRLS. I LOVE THEM TOO. THERE ARE TOO MANY SONGS. And yes, I listen to pretty much all of them on an irregular regular basis. For some reason, I have huge difficulties attaching myself to new bands or anything. I guess I love Busted, Westlife and Spice Girls especially because I grew up listening to them. Moana holds a special place in my heart, because the entire movie and the music makes me feel happy. So does Harry Potter. But I doubt anybody is actually surprised that that one is in there.

Photo of the day

Taiwan 台湾

Video of the day


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