13 Things To Do: After Finishing All Academic Work

A casual, non-writing-challenge kind of post:

13 Things To Do After Finishing Academic Work For Summer

What on earth should I do with my newly gained freedom, now that I have finished all my academic work? Here are 13 things I look forward to doing, with a bonus thing I look forward to.

1) Read all the books I want to read

2) Take extra long baths without feeling guilty

3) Take nice walks without feeling guilty

4) Watch stuff on Netflix

5) Spend endless time being creative

6) Reach those language goals I’m aiming for (trying to learn Japanese mainly)

7) Film those videos I want to film

8) Explore some other interesting topics I want to know more about (Astronomy for example)

9) Watch all the movies at home and at the cinema (without feeling guilty)

10) Enjoy the weather by being outside, instead of gazing out of a window whilst frustratingly typing up essays

11) Procrastinating (watching all the youtube videos and random stuff on TV) without feeling guilty

12) Playing Sims 3 & other games all day and all night

13) Just generally taking care of myself, both mentally and physically, and exploring nature, meditation, yoga and zen for self healing / self growth.

SO these are the things I’m basically spending some of my time doing.

14) Bonus Point: Travel

I’m actually off on a family holiday tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to. Apart from the 30 Day Writing Challenge prompts each day, I’ll hopefully sporadically type up some holiday related things!

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