30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Six

If you’ve only just tuned in, today is day six of a writing challenge I am taking part in. Day One is here, with the link to the Pinterest Pin.

Day Six: Five Ways to win your heart

Not that anyone would actually want to win my heart, but here you go.

  1. Talk Harry Potter to me, and I will melt. Added extra: Enjoy Harry Potter. Preferably the books.
  2. Love animals, Nature, Travelling and Food.Apart from Cats, which is point number five, I love a lot of animals too. I love nature, and travelling. I also love food. I’m crap at cooking so this only involves actually eating food.
  3. Be really passionate about something and suck me into what your passionate about.This is only a thing I noticed recently that it is a thing.
  4. Talk bullshit with me about movies, books and tv shows (and other things).
  5. Have a cat. Be a cat. Idk. Cats. I love cats. Big, small. Cats. Or puppies.

Photo of the Day

Blue river surface with ripple

Video of the Day


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