30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

Inspired by this Pinterest pin, here is day four!

Day Four: Write about someone who inspires you

It is difficult to find just the one person who inspires me. What is also difficult, is writing down why a person inspires me. Why do they inspire me, and how? What is it that these people do that is so inspiring me? Very often it is the things I need most in life, that these people give me through the simple things that they do. I lack strength and positivity. I find it difficult to enjoy the little things in my life, the ordinary things. I find it very easy to find faults within me, weaknesses and doubt everything I do, all the time.

There is a very obvious person who inspires me. She inspires me to stay strong, to hold on to the hope that the future may be bright, and that ideas can come out of nowhere. She inspires me to write, and to keep going. Strength to carry on is something I still lack. It is a difficult skill to learn. But by doing whatever she is doing, she helps.

Three of the people who inspire me are three Youtubers who live in Japan. I love their videos and often share their content. They have inspired me to try out youtube myself. They inspire me to enjoy the little things in my life, the ordinary things.  Furthermore, they help me to stay positive.

All of those people create content that distract me by working on things they feel passionate about. I guess that alone is inspiring me,

Photo of the Day

Ross Images

Video of the Day


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