Emotional Day

After a very late start to yesterday, I broke down emotionally. Anxiety, fear and all those feelings took over and I just couldn’t function anymore. I tried to carry on with my work, but I couldn’t stop crying. That afternoon had been quite emotional. Trying to watch youtube videos or shows on Netflix hadn’t worked as a distraction. So I knew I just had to step away from my MacBook. I decided to completely leave my room, have a bath and finish a book. Although I was still shaken, I had calmed down significantly, and made significant progress with my work.

In a nutshell, the advice I have to give is that sometimes it is really necessary to completely leave a situation. For your own sanity, just leave the room, and go to a safe space, even if that means going to a particular person. They might not be able to help immediately, but by just being there they can really help.

At the same time, don’t forget to find whatever works for you. This can vary from having a shower, or watching a show, to taking a walk or just to allowing yourself to cry and scream.

The book I spontaneously finished to day is this one:

Plague (Gone, #4)Plague by Michael Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took me for ever and a day to finally finish this. I’m so glad I can finally move on in the series.

Even though I kept reading other things, this series so far always knows how to keep me on my feet and to keep me reading. It tears on so many emotional strings, too.

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Photo of the day

the fisherman's return
Michael Marsh
Crown of Shanghai

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