Lets Talk: Morning Routines

Today I thought I’d share my very average and boring morning routine. Even though it seems very average to talk about, it is a solid part of my day and can determine how easily I get started on doing work. It’s something I’m still tweaking on, so I’m just gonna share what kind of routine I have already and what I’d like to add and change.

When getting up, I usually take my thyroid meds, go for a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, brush teeth and then I’m pretty much ready. Depending on what I’m doing that day, I’ll put in contact lenses, choose earrings and a necklace perhaps and maybe put on some make up if I feel like it. Sometimes, even if I’m not really going anywhere to meet anybody, I’ll still wear earrings because it makes me feel that little bit better. After breakfast, its not just time to brush my teeth but also to take my meds for my ADD/ADHD. They really help me focus on things and get work done.

Having a wash, washing my hair and all that good stuff really feels like a good start to the day. This also helps me into taking care of myself. Getting out of bed is often difficult enough, never mind having a shower, brushing hair and teeth. But I’m somewhat a slut for a regular routine so I often do manage to get out of bed and have a shower.

I don’t care much for lunch or generally anything between breakfast and dinner most of the time. I do tend to have a good breakfast to keep me going for the day. Usually I go off to walk the dogs or go off to where ever I have to be. If I’m just going to be at home to get on with things, I’ll spend some time procrastinating on social media and Netflix.

Compared to Germany, the morning routines I have here seem a lot more relaxed than there generally. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m dealing with things differently now or anything, but in Germany everything felt hectic and stressed, especially during the week when I had to go to school or college. Mornings began very early and usually they were rushed, as well. Trying to get dressed, and ready as quickly as possible to get that one only bus that goes to town is quite stressful. Very often I’d skip breakfast, just because I preferred to sleep a bit longer and then ran out of time to eat. I wouldn’t even have anything for school or college, purely because I couldn’t be bothered to carry anything with me, or even to prepare it. Now, even when I have to leave early, I try to at least have a water bottle in my bag and something in my stomach, even if it’s just a banana.

Photo of the Day

Ningde Yangjia Stream, Xiapu, China / 霞浦,楊家溪
Regreso al paraíso (Explore)
Rosa Cantorna
Jordan Esser

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