Always on the move

In the past few days I’ve unintentionally spent a bit of time on buses, trains and in cars, being constantly on the move. I never really noticed how much time I spend moving around in transportation until recently.

Furthermore, I have only now really realised how much I need to work on myself, and  I had to lose at least one person in my life completely while the other is keeping zir distance.

I don’t know how successful I’m going to be, but I’ve decided to rid myself of a lot of materialistic items, and to focus on four main things that are most important to me. By doing so I hope to become a better person and work on my character flaws.

My aim is to focus on creativity,  loved ones, health and travel. Creativity includes photography, reading and writing, while loved ones includes family and friends. Health covers both my physical and my mental health. Travel doesn’t just include going on holidays overseas, but also the little journeys we take each day. Over time, I hope to again reduce these main things to something simpler. I have no idea how this journey will go. But I’m going to try. I kinda nicknamed this project Lost and Found.

Photos of the day

Mick Houghton

Video of the day


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