Slow Week

Honestly, this is the third day in a row I tried to be productive and write a post.
I tried to read three books this month, to make up for missing out on march. However I struggled with that a lot, so To the Lighthouse is pretty much the only book I actually read in April so far.

Tonight, I feel quite positive about things weirdly. Evenings are usually the toughest times. But I guess, with group therapy earlier today, I got the peak anxiety and depressive mood out early.

Book Review

To the LighthouseTo the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first thing I loved about this book, and particularly this edition, was its cover. The cover is what immediately drew me to this book and basically the reason I got it. Usually, I don’t go by the cover. I just go by the blurb on the back, what I know about the book, etc. But for some reason, this cover alone convinced me that it was a good idea to buy it. So I did, and I read it. I found the writing quite poetic, which made me love it even more. All in all a quite amazing read.

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Photos of the day

New York City
Jörg Sc
Dutch architecture, Zaandam
Reinier Snijders

Videos of the day


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