Cinema Saturday

Cinema Day

I haven’t been to the cinema in like two weeks, and I finally went to see Their Finest today. The trip to the cinema was spontaneous, and I actually couldn’t remember the trailer to this movie. All I could really remember is that I wanted to see it. It wasn’t until I was on my way there, that I remembered, vaguely, what the movie is about.

My first thoughts on the movie I’m going to tell you. Bare in mind, that, to form a really good opinion of this movie, I would probably have to see it several times and wait a few days to soak it all up. Please, don’t hesitate to go and see it yourself (for those kind few who are reading this). Apart from lacking diversity (to be honest, I never really expect anything less, as sad as that sounds), I actually quite enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it just generally felt like a well rounded movie. Good characters, good story line. Everything just kind of worked well together. It has definitely made an impression on me, a good one that is.

Now, its back to reading, writing, and the other things I am going to get distracted with. Music, dishes, social media. The usual stuff. I can really tell my ADHD/ADD medication working again -I forgot to take them for about a week. In times like these, I really appreciate them, as they help me bucket loads to focus and get working. Even if I get distracted, it is easier to rail me back into a frame of mind which pushes me to do some productive work, and not just waste hours on tumblr, twitter and facebook.

Photos of the day

Cascada (Explore)
Jose Cantorna
Seville streets, Spain

Videos of the day


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