Friday (Cinema) Day

Cinema Day

Today, I saw The Boss Baby. This so happened to be the only movie on at a time I could make it to the cinema, and the only other movie I still fancied seeing that was still running. To be honest, I actually looked forward to seeing this movie, even though its a smol children’s movie.
I looked forward to seeing it, as the trailer looked very amusing. I did laugh and was quite amused by this movie actually, and would definitely recommend seeing it on a rainy day. It does deal with the sense of having another child/an only child suddenly having a sibling.
I don’t have any personal experience on this topic, not as a parent nor as a child. Hence, I don’t, and quite frankly can’t, talk about how triggering that aspect of the movie is (or anything like that).

Thing of the day

The thing of today is actually some writing advice. I struggle a lot to write anything, but this advice seemed really helpful.

Word of the day

Mechanico chemical

Definition: Pertaining to connected with or dependent upon both mechanics and chemistry said especially of those sciences which treat of such phenomena as seem to depend on the laws both of mechanics and chemistry as electricity and magnetism

Videos of the day

Photos of the day

Oranjetipje - Orange tip - Anthocharis cardamines
Wim Boon
Roma - 2016
Enzo De Martino

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