Cinema Friday

So I tried writing heck of a nice post last week, reviewing a few of the recent movies I had watched, but the draft wouldn’t save. So I got grumpy and just gave up. Only now have I refound some motivation to write another post.
Friday is officially my Cinema Day, and today I went to see Ghost in the Shell. At first, I didn’t want to go and see it, because it has been whitewashed in my view. I can’t really find a reason why I decided to go and see it, beyond the fact that I was curious about it. At the moment, only an hour after seeing it, I feel kind of disappointed by it. I didn’t think that I could be, especially because I didn’t think it as a good movie in the first place. But apart from views I had established before seeing the movie, I actually felt bored by the movie. However poor I thought of the movie before seeing it, I still expected more from it, if that makes sense. I don’t even feel like it’s worth me rating it, it’s so far down on my scale of rateable movies I personally have seen. I enjoyed the scenes of the city and everything, but that was the only thing I found myself interested in. The characters feel weak, the plot felt like there were huge loop holes (which is just making me want to watch the Anime) and in general I just feel pretty empty towards this movie.

Last week I went to see Beauty and the Beast, and Logan.

Beauty and the Beast bought up a lot of nostalgia. I enjoyed the music and the characters and was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of skin colour in all the side characters. Something felt amiss about it, and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Today I realised why I may have felt like that -somehow things felt rushed. Again, a week later now, I thought it was a cute movie, but not one of my favourites.

Logan really touched the heart-strings however. I really enjoyed the X-men movies and regret not having read any of the comics yet. I felt like this movie was a lovely ending of one era, and the beginning of the next. What surprised me was how young they portrayed Laura, as I learned that in the comics she’s a teenager or young adult (basically somewhat older than how she had been portrayed in the movie).

I still really enjoyed both of these movies, a lot more than I did Ghost in the Shell.

Photos of the day

Hachijo island Tokyo

Ryo Mukae

Videos of the day


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