Cinema Friday

So I tried writing heck of a nice post last week, reviewing a few of the recent movies I had watched, but the draft wouldn’t save. So I got grumpy and just gave up. Only now have I refound some motivation to write another post.
Friday is officially my Cinema Day, and today I went to see Ghost in the Shell. At first, I didn’t want to go and see it, because it has been whitewashed in my view. I can’t really find a reason why I decided to go and see it, beyond the fact that I was curious about it. At the moment, only an hour after seeing it, I feel kind of disappointed by it. I didn’t think that I could be, especially because I didn’t think it as a good movie in the first place. But apart from views I had established before seeing the movie, I actually felt bored by the movie. However poor I thought of the movie before seeing it, I still expected more from it, if that makes sense. I don’t even feel like it’s worth me rating it, it’s so far down on my scale of rateable movies I personally have seen. I enjoyed the scenes of the city and everything, but that was the only thing I found myself interested in. The characters feel weak, the plot felt like there were huge loop holes (which is just making me want to watch the Anime) and in general I just feel pretty empty towards this movie.

Last week I went to see Beauty and the Beast, and Logan.

Beauty and the Beast bought up a lot of nostalgia. I enjoyed the music and the characters and was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of skin colour in all the side characters. Something felt amiss about it, and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Today I realised why I may have felt like that -somehow things felt rushed. Again, a week later now, I thought it was a cute movie, but not one of my favourites.

Logan really touched the heart-strings however. I really enjoyed the X-men movies and regret not having read any of the comics yet. I felt like this movie was a lovely ending of one era, and the beginning of the next. What surprised me was how young they portrayed Laura, as I learned that in the comics she’s a teenager or young adult (basically somewhat older than how she had been portrayed in the movie).

I still really enjoyed both of these movies, a lot more than I did Ghost in the Shell.

Photos of the day

Hachijo island Tokyo

Ryo Mukae

Videos of the day

Cold Grey Sunday

Outside is grey and it looks like it may or may not rain, and I have a cold.
This past weeks, especially this last one, has been very difficult on my mental health and I’m trying to write/compose this post to take my mind off things.

Things feel all a bit shaky at the moment but I think I can swing it around. Somehow.

I finally belong to those who may or may not talk about their mental health online.

Word of the day die Gemütlichkeit

This describes a state of being comfortable and warm and in a good mood.

Quote of the day

Perhaps the saddest irony of depression is that suicide happens when the patient gets a little better and can again function sufficiently.
– Dick Cavett (x)

Photos of the day

Ryo Mukae
Mean, green streets
Ian Flinders
The Beginning ...
Mani & Ginji Poetic Nature

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Cinema Day


Because I am busy this friday, I have chosen to make today my cinema day, where I 100% will go to the cinema to watch a movie. Or maybe two. Hopefully, I will be watching Hidden Figures today, and A cure for Wellness.

I did and I loved Hidden Figures. Still not quite sure about A Cure for Wellness.

It was very inspiring and amazing to see Hidden Figures and I teared up more than once. I felt so emotional in a really positive and pure way and I loved how the black ladies dragged the white (mostly) men.

A Cure For Wellness was enjoyable and definitely kept me on my toes throughout the entire movie. It plays with your mind, and I should point out a trigger warning concerning rape  (and incest I guess?) towards the end of the movie.

Word of the day

der Schreibtisch

the desk

Something I heavily rely on, for uni work and creativity. I love having a desk and always have.

Quote of the day

“Low self esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.”
– Maxwell Maltz

Photos of the day

Ryo Mukae
Mick Houghton

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