Boring o’l Tuesday


In the Uk, today is pancake day. I haven’t had any pancakes today, and to be honest, I don’t plan on having any. I like them, don’t get me wrong. But I have no idea what’s for dinner, so I may or may not have pancakes on pancake day.

Question of the day: Your favourite childhood game

Well, this is kind of weird. For context, a favourite childhood game I played was at kindergarten, but I was over the age of 6 and so were the kids I played with. This particular kindergarten had a special group for school kids between 6 and 14, with parents who were at work in the afternoon. School usually broke up at 1pm, so this was somewhere we could go until parents finished work. We had lunch, had space to do our homework and we could play. One of the rooms had these huge cushion like things and blankets and things. We would organise them in a way, that we had to crawl on all fours and it was like a labyrinth. Only two of us knew the set up, the others had to wait outside. Then we’d darken the room and choose who of us was going to be the cat. The others were going to be the mice. The mice would then crawl around in this labyrinth and the cat would have to try to catch us. When one of us was caught, the other mice could try to free us.
The amount of times I got in trouble for ruining my jeans and knees, I couldn’t possibly tell you, but it was hell of a lot of fun. In summer, we’d sometimes even play it in a field outside.

The other game is a PS2 game a friend and I used to love to play. It was one of the first games I got for the PS2 and is called Dog’s Life. I just remember playing it over and over again, and really enjoying it growing up (10+?)

I really miss those days. Amazing how quickly time flies, and I can’t believe I am going to be 24 this year. being 14 feels like it was yesterday.

Poem of the day

Word/Quote of the day:

Vertrauen auf einen Menschen bringt das Beste in ihm ans Licht
– Frederick W.Lewis


Trust in a person brings out the best of him

Photos of the day

Gdansk Skyline | Poland 2017


You found me... I found you too!!!
Tomo M
our hometown II
Iwona Podlasinska

Videos of the day


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