Clean Up Saturday

Every Saturday is the day in the week dedicated to clean and tidy up. It was so lovely outside, it actually felt like a spring clean. After the usual saturday stuff, I even went on a nice walk in Friston Forest, which was really nice. It was surprisingly warm I thought for February. Hopefully very soon I’ll get some time to sort out some photos and update my flickr page.

Weirdly I am somewhat enjoying my reading for my module Language, Culture and Ideology. This weeks reading included reading up on booklets on Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. I studied Lenin and Trotsky during my time at college in the UK, so it felt like revision. All together, I found it quite interesting and it didn’t feel like a task. Perhaps, a bit repetitive, but still interesting.

Word of the day: die Eule

Yeh, another noun. This translates to “the owl”. Owls are one of my favourite animals, and this was the first thing that came to my mind tonight. Sometimes, if it is quiet enough, you can hear owls hooting outside around my house.

Quote of today

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided
-by J.K. Rowling

Photo of the day

Gewoon Sneeuwklokje - Common Snowdrop
Wim Boon
Ryo Mukae

Video of the day


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