Blogmas Day 24 & 25: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


For most of today, I have been playing Sims 3. I haven’t even watched one movie. I have been somewhat bored, even though I could’ve done a lot. In reflection, I wasted a whole day because I couldn’t decide on what to do.

This evening, I only opened one gift. I got some new and very adorable earrings, and a tzitzit. I love these gifts and they’re smol gifts with a lot of thought behind them.

The exciting food won’t come until tomorrow. Today has been such a weird day. Like, waiting for something exciting, but there’s nothing.

But I have more than most, so I feel very fortunate. I even got to listen to my friend’s family singing. One of them has the most amazing voice.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day, and may it be more productive. I seem to say that very often…. Oops.

Merry Christmas to everybody!

Today had a slow start, but now that the presents have been opened, I feel better. Better than yesterday, mentally. I feel more energetic. I guess it’s the gifts.

I’m really happy with my gifts. I didn’t expect half of them to be honest.

I actually spent most of my day craftily working on my journal for next year. I want to start it in January, so I printed out a lil calendar and monthly calendar things and hope I can make it work. That doesn’t sound like I did a lot, and it really hasn’t been that much. Most of the time I spent debating what patterns to have and how to do it and with what pens to write haha.

I’m not sure why these past days have felt so empty. Usually I find it really easy to entertain myself, and I have a lot of things to entertain myself with. But today and yesterday, I have felt weirdly empty and distant. It was a different distance to when I disassociate, a different kind of empty and hollow. I really hope this mood doesn’t last, it really isn’t fun.

Favourite Video of the day because I literally love this person and all the stuff they do (they as in singular, gender neutral pronouns)

Photos of the day

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and wonderful holidays!
Anja Pietsch
'Merry Christmas Moonglow'
Gavin Hardcastle
12122016_Christmas tree
Chikako Nobuhara
Merry Christmas from Tokyo Odaiba
Merry Christmas !

Videos of the day


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