Blogmas Day 22: Three Things I can’t go without

Question: What are the three things I can’t go without?

For the three things I couldn’t do without, I instantly thought of two things, but it took a while to think of a third thing. I feel like both the first two are essentially part of who I am, which is why I couldn’t possibly see myself with out them.

The first thing I am going to go with is music. I need music to relax, to work, to function. I listen to a lot of music, all the time. It helps me with Uni work, helps me to fall asleep and I could just not imagine a world in which I do not have music.

The second thing is my camera. Or the ability to take photos. Photography is the one thing that feels like its a hobby and I can embrace myself in -even though I have hugely neglected it recently.

The last thing I couldn’t go without is perhaps the ability to read and write, or to somehow capture my thoughts, write poetry and stories (even though unpublished at the moment). I love to read and be creative (even though I don’t share a lot of my stuff), I’d feel like there would be something missing.


It has been a nightmare getting my ear drops but I finally have my ear drops. Hopefully, my ears will get better quickly. I haven’t been sleeping well either, so I can’t wait to get a good nights sleep again. This should help my productivity, too.

Poem of the day

Daydreams for Ginsberg

I lie on my back at midnight
hearing the marvelous strange chime
of the clocks, and know it’s mid-
night and in that instant the whole
world swims into sight for me
in the form of beautiful swarm-
ing m u t t a worlds-
everything is happening, shining

blazing in faith, I know I’m
forever right & all’s I got to
do (as I hear the ordinary
extant voices of ladies talking
in some kitchen at midnight
oilcloth cups of cocoa
cardore to mump the
rinnegain in his
darlin drain-) i will write
it, all the talk of the world
everywhere in this morning, leav-
ing open parentheses sections
for my own accompanying inner
thoughts-with roars of me
all brain-all world
roaring-vibrating-I put
it down, swiftly, 1,000 words
(of pages) compressed into one second
of time-I’ll be long
robed & long gold haired in
the famous Greek afternoon
of some Greek City
Fame Immortal & they’ll
have to find me where they find
the t h n u p f t of my
shroud bags flying
flag yagging Lucien
Midnight back in their
mouths-Gore Vidal’ll
be amazed, annoyed-
my words’ll be writ in gold
& preserved in libraries like
Finnegans Wake & Visions of Neal

-Jack Kerouac (x)

Photo of the day

portland 2016
Anthony Samaniego

Videos of the day


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