Blogmas Day 21: Ear Infections and a dream


I actually managed to get an ear infection in both my ears simultaneously. It’s the same kind of infection in both ears (an outer ear infection, the ear drum is fine, just everything before that, if that makes sense). At the moment, I actually don’t feel to good, and haven’t got the energy to catch up on Yuri! On Ice, or any other thing that I’m watching. I have been to the doctors, but I haven’t managed to pick up the drops I’m supposed to stick down my ear. Those I will pick up tomorrow.

Because of my ear infections in both ears (I mean, one infected ear is bad enough, but both of them, at the same time???), last night was a bit weird. One of my ears swelled up somewhat and hearing was tough. I got a bit disorientated and couldn’t really sleep.
Considering I am prone to getting ear infections, I know very little of the anatomy of the ear. I also know very little about eyes, even though they fascinate me. All I know is, I am used to ear infections and I can’t actually believe both of my ears are ill. When I told my mum, I was actually amused that she replied with “Oh well. Well done.”

After I fell asleep again at some point this morning, I had a really interesting dream. It started of with me being a witch, living in a mansion, trying to make sure nobody could creep into my cellar where I had all my witchy stuff and then it turned to some weird family murder case and I was the detective. That part was spooky, but interesting. I wish I could explain it better, but it was a really protective kind of feeling – and I loved the mansion I lived in and the area it was in. It was just awesome and I was a pretty good detective but damn. The case was creepy. Anyways, the dream ended with my mum, her friend, and I going to a party and having an awesome time. The next morning the other two go somewhere and I’m at a park looking back at some amazing pictures with me in them and my friends. The next thing I know, James Bay and Counterfeit appear and we all sing and dance and have a great time even though the music of James Bay and Counterfeit are significantly different. But it was great. I had a great time in my dream. I woke up buzzing and excited and full of energy. For some reason my ears hurt more in the evening so now I am just in pain and ready to take some pain meds and go to sleep haha. I don’t have a fever or anything, so I knew it wasn’t the “average” ear infection I got. But yeah. Apart from going to the doctors late in the day, then going to the shops (and forgetting that the pharmacist shut earlier than I expected), I haven’t actually left the house.

My Dot:Grid Notebook arrived today, which I am super happy about. I redecorated the covers the minute I took it out of the box and I can’t wait to use it as a journal in the new year. Last night, I also accidentally ordered a Loot Crate which is supposedly going to arrive soon -ish. It could take an additional 2 weeks or something so that’ll be interesting.

Quote of the day

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them
– Maeve Greyson

Photos of the day

Street Lights Bokeh
Just a little hint of frost and lots of Helios bokeh
Anja Pietsch

Videos of the day


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