Blogmas Day 20: Comforters

With constant anxiety and stress, I often fall back to comforters to keep calm and/or reduce stress and anxiety.

These comforters range from books, movies, TV shows, anime and Youtubers or very specific youtube videos.


The Anime I fall back to for comfort are ones I used to watch when growing up. I love Detective Conan and Inu Yasha, and also fall back to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I’m also planning on watching One Piece (rewatching some of the episodes and then catching up on all the ones I haven’t seen yet -wish me luck omg), Black Cat, Junio Romantica and a bunch of others. But Detective Conan is definitely the anime I watch for comfort.


This is a really obvious and easy one: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can’t really say why this is my favourite, but it is and out of habit, if I am in a reading slump and/or just want to read something familiar and something I love, I automatically just go for this book.  I don’t really have an entire series I fall back to. If I would, the Harry Potter series is definitely my comforter book series.

TV Shows

Currently, I am also trying to get through Full House, among many other things. Full House, compared to other things, is something I have seen before and I am rewatching it. This TV show is definitely a comforter, something I go to when I can’t decide what else to watch or just have on in the background. While studying, I once had Absolutely Fabulous on for a while, which was actually quite entertaining and I was heart broken when I finished all the Seasons.
If I’m actively wanting to watch something I’ve watched before, something capturing but something I don’t have to focus on too much, I also drift back to Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey. With both, I tend to have a glass of wine (or an entire bottle), so I tend to make a nice evening out of it.


One would guess, that this would include Harry Potter movies, but actually, it’s actually Zootropolis, Howls Moving Castle and Spirited away. I love these movies, and could watch them on loop all day every day. I just never get tired of them.
When I was younger I used to watch Spider Man every day after school to the point I knew every line. There wasn’t much on TV that I particularly liked, so I’d just watch that movie.


Most of the youtubers I like watching very often/most of the time end up in the Videos of the day.

The one channel, however, that I just love (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them several times before), belongs to The Mischief Managers. I just can’t stop loving them. They’re so cute and awesome and I love their stuff and I just could watch their videos all damn day.

Another youtuber I would love to meet and hug and could watch all day is TT Bret. I love their tumblr and their instagram and just UGH. I can’t even think of anything I could squeeze into proper sentences because I basically live of their stuff and just get all loved up when I see their face.

Photos of the day

Holiday bokeh
Choice and Indifference
Jaakko Paarvala

Videos of the day


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