Blogmas Day 19: The little things in Life


It is widely known one should appreciate the little things in life. For me, this would include having so many windows in my room and a nice garden to look into. Watching the squirrels and birds. Being able to just hug my mum.

At the same time, it’s the little things in every day life that can be super annoying. Other people leaving their rubbish everywhere. Walking around the house with their muddy shoes on. Leaving out dishes, clean or uncleaned.

Today, the little things I observed that I was glad of, weren’t just the windows in my room and the garden. I am also glad for the walks I can go on with my dog, and the fact I can leave my house -and feel safe. I’m grateful for the nice bath I had, and the face cream I used. It felt very relaxing and nice just to take care of myself. “You yourself should always be your first priority” -this is very easy to say for me, I know. And it’s easy advice to give. But, while I gave advice like this to a friend just tonight, I reflected on recent news and events. I reflected on the advice I gave out, and thought about the person I gave it to. I’m going to do a lot of thinking tonight.

Photo of the day

Holiday Bokeh for Macro Mondays
Tomo M
Xmas Tree | Kaunas Castle | GlassBallProject #353/36

Videos of the day


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