Blogmas Day 18: One Week to Go


Today was just another boring sunday. Next sunday is Christmas day and hopefully that will be a tad more interesting.

As for today, I haven’t caught up on any episodes that I’ve recorded, or any Anime, but I did finish an episode of The Crown on Netflix. I learned how to do a new stitch when knitting and how to cast off.  It’s not a lot, but its been better than nothing. I even went on a nice lil walk today.

Next week, with Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day, I actually most look forward to very non-traditional food. The past two years, we spent Christmas abroad in Asia, so the meals we had were naturally very non-traditional, luckily. I dislike sunday dinners anyway, and have not much love for a Turkey Christmas dinner. Luckily, neither does my family. This year we will most likely have a BBQ on Christmas Day again, perhaps even fish curry on Boxing Day. Maybe some Rum Punches and Cocktails, just to make it even less traditional.

Tonight, I’ve actually been trying to catch up with some Vlogmas videos, especially the ones published tonight. Tomorrow morning, I might try and catch up with other ones I haven’t watched yet. Even if I have to Zoom Zoom through some of them.

Photo of the day

View from the Window, Yunhe, Zheijiang, China
Stars and angels
Anja Pietsch
Morning walk with the dog
Iwona Podlasinska

Videos of the day


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