Blogmas day 17: People at the cinema


I went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today.

Yes, I do go to the cinema a lot. Thanks to having signed up to a Cineworld Card, I pay a certain amount of money every month and I can go whenever for /free/. If I went once, I’d easily pay anything between £7 and £9, even as a student. So if I go twice or three times a month, thats basically as much as the Cineworld card. Especially before we moved, I very easily went 4-6 times a month, if not more. So I definitely get my moneys worth.

Anyway, back to the movie. This was the first Star Wars movie I have ever watched. EVER. And I enjoyed it and am considering watching more Star Wars movies.

Every time during a movie, I notice certain people. Today I’ve actually made notes of the kind of people I remember having met during some of my cinema trips.

Recently, especially with the Star Wars movie, and Moana, but also many other times, there has been that ONE child who doesn’t stop talking and always sits really close to you, no matter where you sit. ALL THE TIME. And the parent just engages in the conversation. It’s quite annoying actually, I hope I was never that child.

Then there are those on a date. But there’s a difference between those on their first date n those couples who have their date night. Depending on movie and date, they’re usually quite cute, especially those on their first date. They’re all shy and awkward.

As always, on frequent cinema trips, I have also encountered that group of friends somewhere in the last row. They usually laugh at a lot of the things, and have that one friend who keeps yelling things in, one that can’t shut up talking, another who can’t stop laughing and another one who clearly regrets suggesting the cinema.

There’s also very often that one person, usually a child (or me), who drops their food before they even reach the seat. I actually manage to spill some of my popcorn on a guy once.

Then there are always those with really noisy food wrappings. I, out of experience and everything, either open my crisp packets or whatever before the movie starts or wait until there is a loud scene in the movie so I do not have to interfere with the movie. Sometimes, obviously, it can’t really be helped. In such a case, the quicker the better. But, naturally, some just like to fiddle with those wrappers and ruin entire moments in the movie.
There are also those who love to slurp their drinks real loud. Maybe I’m just super noise sensitive, but honestly, don’t do that. Please. It is super annoying.

A more recent discovery is actually that one adult, who takes their children to the cinema, and just very obviously is bored by everything. Yawning and staring at a bright screen. Out of all due respect, just don’t use your phone in a cinema full of people who might actually

I have to say, the most annoying thing is that person or child that can’t stop talking.

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Ben Williamson
Anthony Samaniego

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