Blogmas Day 14: Moana and Christmas trees


So, right next to Zootropolis, Moana is a new addition to my favourite disney movies. I love the music, the characters, the story line, the songs. It is such a great watch, I like it a lot. If I could, I would watch it every day. It is incredibly uplifting and amazing. If I ever need to be uplifted, I tend to listen to the songs from Moana.

Currently, I am quite emotional about #OwnVoices, something that will come up again in tomorrows post.

To shift back to something christmas themed, I thought I’d throw in Christmas trees, because that’s my favourite thing and we finally finished decorating ours yesterday. This year, we have another real one and I love love love the smell of it so much. Wherever I go, and I see a christmas tree, I try and take a picture of it.

Tomorrow I actually have to get a Replacement Bus for most of my way to Uni. In the past, I got away with getting a lift to Uni, but I wont be able to do so tomorrow. As bizarre as it seems, it’s giving me Anxiety. I know I am stressing out unnecessarily, and I know I will be fine. At the same time UGH.


This is our Christmas Tree this year

Word of the day: Medley

This is a noun and means a mixture or a jumble. It can also be used as an adjective, which is archaic and has its roots in middle english.

Photo of the day

White and Blue | Kaunas
Zürich Wienachtsdorf
Sandro Bisaro

Video of the day:


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