Blogmas Day 13: Bookish stuff in Winter

Winter reads?

I generally love Anne Rice books, especially the wolf chronicles. If I buy these at any time during the year, I tend to save these to read during the cold weather. For the past years I have had a tendency to do so, apart from this year. Fantasy for some reason is a genre I generally prefer in winter? Not sure why. Maybe its the kind of fantasy books I go for. Otherwise, I always feel like reading Poetry, or rereading Harry Potter.

I constantly feel like I am in a reading slump, but when its cold and dark outside, I tend to enjoy the feeling of having a heavy, thick book with me and reading that. This Winter I’m just glad if and when I finish something to read that isn’t academic. I’m currently skipping my way through Vampirates by Justin Somper again, whilst trying to finally finish On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I finally finished Shatter Me by Tahere Mafi about a week ago and absolutely loved it -can’t wait to finish the other books in the series.

It is safe to say that I generally do not read christmassy themed books at all. If I had to sum my reading style up during winter, it tends to be thicker books, something too heavy to carry around with me -even more a reason to stay inside. So far, this year, it hasn’t been anything particular to be honest. Hopefully, before next week, I can get Vampirates out of the way and On The Road, so I can get myself into a nice thick book. Some inspiration I may take from the videos down below.

Photo of the day

Paul Lopez
Sun vs Clouds
Danny VB

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