Blogmas Day 12


Despite the fact that I could wallow in my loneliness and uselessness, I think I should wallow into something else. Something more positive.

Today, I was able to use public transport safely. I went to the cinema and enjoyed my movie. I have money in my bank account, and in my savings. I have a somewhat good relationships with my parents and live at home rent free. I just have so many little things to be grateful for and it annoys me that the little, annoying things are really quite annoying.

Cinema trip

On a more obvious positive note, I went to see Office Christmas Party today. It was quite entertaining and funny. It isn’t one of the funniest movies I’ve seen, but I did crack up a few times. If I had to rate it, I think I could give it a 6.9/10. I liked the characters and the storyline, it was amusing and I laughed. I would go and see it again.

Question of the day: Do you prefer the festive season in the UK or abroad?

I thought I liked both, now that I have experienced both. Today I have realised, that I actually like the festive season abroad in Asia, away from christmassy stuff. The long dark nights, rainy weather. It’s ok in October, but now I just feel even more fed up, tired and like I could really do with a break. I miss the warmth and the beaches and the general feeling of feeling better.

I have never really realised how the seasons affected me, but this year I feel like the cold season is having an effect on me. Luckily, I have a lot of colourful things around me and some comfy clothes that help.

Photo of the day

Ciarán Rhys

Video of the day


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