Blogmas Day 10

I was so dreamy yesterday, I didn’t even add a video or a photo. So double for today!

It’s been somewhat un-special today. Went for some shopping, and spent most of my time sorting out University stuff -writing a critical review and writing out would’ve as would have just to fill out the word count. They’re just drafts for now, so hopefully they’ll be done tomorrow and ready to be sent off.

I finally found the pictures from my trip to Wakehurst Place mentioned here.


They’re nothing special but basically sum up the event. They had some great entertainment for kids, food to eat and drinks to drink and places to sit. It was quite fun, even for a grown up (I’m still a child on the inside). I finally tried roasted chestnuts. Not sure if I like them, but I finally tried them. I don’t mind the texture, the texture is quite nice. But I’m not sure about the taste.

Photos of the day


Videos of the day


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