Blogmas Day 5: Being lazy but still productive


Tomorrow is Nikolaus and I am quite excited because it’s actually going to be a surprise. I don’t know what I am getting (apart from one thing, and I may get something else, too). Quite looking forward to gifting some small items to a friend, too.

Usually around this time I’ve been getting ready for holiday in a few days, but not this year. It feels somewhat weird but also somewhat nice to spend christmas at home. Even though Vlogmas and everything seemed a lot more exciting for me last year.

As much as I’ve decorated my room and am generally looking forward to christmas, I am still pretty un-christmassy. I barely have christmas clothing, as in christmas jumpers, hats or accessories, and I haven’t decorated my room as I could’ve perhaps done. I’m enjoying the cold weather to a point. I love my new hats and my new jumpers and new jacket. My mood hasn’t dipped down too low this winter, which is good.

Lazy but still Productive

Based on the last video at the bottom, it is suggested to take many breaks throughout the day. I would get too distracted and a short break would turn into hours, until the entire day is over. It would take A LOT OF effort to get this part of my habit. But having the breaks sounds logically and makes work loads more manageable. As for now, I am too lazy to start

Photo of the day

Autumn Pride

Video of the day


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