Blogmas Day 4: Smile


Every time I’m out and about I try to smile at people. This doesn’t always work, but I like to think it’s better to smile at strangers than look unhappy. When People smile at me it makes me feel that tiny little bit better. So I try as much as possible to smile at other people.

I was going to go to the cinema again today, but I decided against it.

Poem of the day: Where the Hero is always late

It begins with your name in a wave-swelled jar
throwing up salt. And the ocean, so sick of looking at you
all night rocking you in its arms, chooses an island

and calls it port. What did you ever know
of annulment? oF casting a wide net and hating
what’s pulled in? No temperamental stars

to guide you, back home no faithful wife and hair
blooming a glossy raven

each night onto your pillow. You’ve imagined her often
after days of swimming, at the window
before dawn peeling a sunburn

from her skin. This is what heroes know nothing about.
There is only the storm.
The morning, too

by Wendy Xu

Question of the day: What are the three things that make you smile?

  1. Harry Potter. Always.
  2. Holidays.
  3. My friends.

These are the three things that immediately jump to mind.

Photo of the day

White city | Kaunas Aerial

Video of the day


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