End of 2016 stuff

This is mostly bookish stuff. But there is some general stuff at the bottom.

Bookish things

I have not read as much as I had planned, and I hope to read a lot in the new year. This is something that happens every year, but I have stopped beating myself up about it. At the beginning of 2016, I took a deep breath and realised that I will just read as I want. I promised myself to just read for enjoyment and, as soon as this enjoyment goes, that I should take a step back and take a break.

Personally my favourite book this year has probably been Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I love her writing, the story she tells through the characters, the characters are very intriguing and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. Everything just fits together very well, and I am so glad I finally got into this series.

The tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice is also one of my favourite books this year. In general, I love her writing. I do find it quite tiring to get through all of the nitty gritty. At the same time, I do enjoy the pictures she paints with her words.

I haven’t really done a very good job at keeping track of the books I have read this year, as much as I meant to do so. I have started a few books over summer (and recently), that I still need to finish.
One of these three books is Assassins Creed (AC): Forsaken by Oliver Bowden. Nothing like the games, as expected, but they are a very, very easy read. I fall back onto books like these, if not Harry Potter, if I am in a reading slump. For some reason, I started this book recently, but then got distracted by another book and finished that instead. Now I got caught up with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs instead, so the AC book will have to wait until 2017.
The second one is Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. This is purely taking so long because of it’s thickness to be honest. I am not a huge fan of Cassandra Clare herself, but I did enjoy The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices a lot and felt somewhat obliged to try out this series as well. I don’t feel like I have favourite characters in this series yet, so I am finding it a bit difficult to really get into the series. I do hope that this will change the more I read. The plot is the main reason I want to carry on reading it. While we’re talking about Cassandra Clare, I still want to read The Bane Chronicles. Magnus Bane is one of my favourite characters so I really do not know why it is taking me so long to read this.

In the next year, I really want to read Stranger in a strange land by Robert A. Henlein and the books I got for christmas. These include Broken Crowns by Lauren Destefano, Captive Prince by C.S. Pascat and Fantastic Beasts: The Original Screenplay by JK Rowling. If I don’t read anything else, but these books (apart from academic reading), I will do well.

I still have to finish Harry Potter and the cursed child by J.K. Rowling. Before I got this book, I would’ve said, that this would be my favourite book, but the fact that I still have to finish it, is clearly a sign that it is not.

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Non-bookish End of the Year things

I don’t really know how I feel about the past year. I’ve definitely had some ups, but also a lot of downs. The most important thing I think I learnt in the past year is to take things into my own hands, to take control and not to wait around for great things to happen. I think I have grown quite a bit personality wise. Because 2016 has been a so-so kind of year, with more downs than ups, I really want to change my attitude in 2017 and really do some more memorable things, and live more.

To achieve some of my goals, which is to live more (I know it’s really broad but I know what I mean haha), I am going to take some steps away from social media, and Netflix and Amazon Prime and technology in general.

As always, this NYE I spend in my room. Alone, in my room, with family at home. Nevertheless, NYE has become something that isn’t memorable, or special. I hope to Hera that 2017 will be nothing like today. Dull and boring, not at all special. Hopefully, I will not be lonely, and have more memories to cherish and hold dear this time next year. I guess I can add that to my goals: be more open minded, get out there more, spend less on materialistic things, create more memories. The important stuff, because those are the things that really matter in life. The things that last longer than materialistic things. The things that actually put me in a better place, mentally.

Question of today: Top three favourite Movies you have seen this year?

I cant really pick one specific one, or three specific ones, because I can’t actually remember all of them. The ones I remember most  clearly are the ones I enjoyed most. I have enjoyed a lot of movies this year.

The ones that have done more than just entertain me are:

  1. Room
  2. The Danish Girl
  3. Star Trek: Beyond & Rogue one: A Star Wars Story

The 3 most entertaining movies, among others:

  1. Now you see me
  2. Zootropolis
  3. Kubo and the two strings

The things I have learned most notably this year are somewhat personal. Including the fact that I am, actually, boring. But also likeable. And that things are going to be ok.

Anyway. Off I go to drink my loneliness away. Happy New Year.

Photos of the day

Ryo Mukae

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Blogmas Day 24 & 25: Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


For most of today, I have been playing Sims 3. I haven’t even watched one movie. I have been somewhat bored, even though I could’ve done a lot. In reflection, I wasted a whole day because I couldn’t decide on what to do.

This evening, I only opened one gift. I got some new and very adorable earrings, and a tzitzit. I love these gifts and they’re smol gifts with a lot of thought behind them.

The exciting food won’t come until tomorrow. Today has been such a weird day. Like, waiting for something exciting, but there’s nothing.

But I have more than most, so I feel very fortunate. I even got to listen to my friend’s family singing. One of them has the most amazing voice.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day, and may it be more productive. I seem to say that very often…. Oops.

Merry Christmas to everybody!

Today had a slow start, but now that the presents have been opened, I feel better. Better than yesterday, mentally. I feel more energetic. I guess it’s the gifts.

I’m really happy with my gifts. I didn’t expect half of them to be honest.

I actually spent most of my day craftily working on my journal for next year. I want to start it in January, so I printed out a lil calendar and monthly calendar things and hope I can make it work. That doesn’t sound like I did a lot, and it really hasn’t been that much. Most of the time I spent debating what patterns to have and how to do it and with what pens to write haha.

I’m not sure why these past days have felt so empty. Usually I find it really easy to entertain myself, and I have a lot of things to entertain myself with. But today and yesterday, I have felt weirdly empty and distant. It was a different distance to when I disassociate, a different kind of empty and hollow. I really hope this mood doesn’t last, it really isn’t fun.

Favourite Video of the day because I literally love this person and all the stuff they do (they as in singular, gender neutral pronouns)

Photos of the day

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and wonderful holidays!
Anja Pietsch
'Merry Christmas Moonglow'
Gavin Hardcastle
12122016_Christmas tree
Chikako Nobuhara
Merry Christmas from Tokyo Odaiba
Merry Christmas !

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Blogmas day 23: Favourite Christmas Songs

They’re actually german Christmas songs that bring up the most memories. These are the ones I grew up with, singing them at school. At home, I most likely picked up on British Christmas songs, but they never stuck in my head as much as these ones.

Among some of them is O Tannenbaum; Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen and In der Weihnachtsbäckerei

The English translation is:

In The Christmas Bakery

In the Christmas Bakery
Are many1 yummy things
From flour to milk
Make one false move
And a great mess there will be!
In the Christmas Bakery
In the Christmas Bakery.
What happened to the recipe
Of those cookies we really love?
Was it…
Well, we’ve gotta go get it
Simply bake it by ear
Fire up the oven
In the Christmas Bakery
Are many yummy things
From flour to milk
Make one false move
And a great mess there will be!
In the Christmas Bakery
In the Christmas Bakery.
No need for chocolate,
Sugar, honey, or candied fruits
A little bit of cinnamon?
Of course!
Mix the butter, flour, and milk together
And while you’re at it, give it a taste
And now comes the egg
All done!
In the Christmas Bakery
Are many yummy things
From flour to milk
Make one false move
And a great mess there will be!
In the Christmas Bakery
In the Christmas Bakery.
Please stand aside,
I need some room to knead
Did you stick your finger in there?
You pig!
All the cookies we’ve forked
Are now on the cookie sheet,
We wait anxiously
In the Christmas Bakery
Are many yummy things
From flour to milk
Make one false move
And a great mess there will be!
In the Christmas Bakery
In the Christmas Bakery.

(Source: x)

These are pretty much the songs I grew up with, purely because of my friends and school. We never really sang songs at home so.

I just remembered that I haven’t baked a single thing for christmas? Like. I know its a thing other people do, bake christmas cookies or something, but. I literally just forgot that its christmas eve tomorrow? I listen to christmas music, watch movies and stuff, but for some reason, I feel really disassociated from feeling christmassy.

Usually, on Christmas Eve, I get to open a gift or two, and then leave the rest till Christmas Day. In Germany, it is common for all the gifts to be opened Christmas Eve. So we somewhat do both. Apparently, the British Royal Family does this, too? It kind of helps to deal with the excitement, but I also have to pass 90% of the day, trying not to think about it. I might be un-christmassy now but tomorrow morning I will most likely turn into a 5 year old child because there are things under the tree that feel like things I do not remember putting on my list so I really, REALLY wanna know what they are? But I also wanna wait to open them on Christmas Day, because of the excitement and everything? But that also means I have to entertain myself for all day tomorrow.

So many buts. Hopefully, my friend, who is currently in Sweden, will share some swedish christmas songs. Tomorrow, I need to watch all the movies I wanna watch before Christmas passes. Christmas movies, I had listed here, in a post from last year. I definitely need to watch Home Alone, and I really feel like I need to rewatch Spider Man (with Tobey Maguire)

Photos of the day

Ciaran Rhys
Going uphill in Rye
Ian Flinders
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Blogmas Day 22: Three Things I can’t go without

Question: What are the three things I can’t go without?

For the three things I couldn’t do without, I instantly thought of two things, but it took a while to think of a third thing. I feel like both the first two are essentially part of who I am, which is why I couldn’t possibly see myself with out them.

The first thing I am going to go with is music. I need music to relax, to work, to function. I listen to a lot of music, all the time. It helps me with Uni work, helps me to fall asleep and I could just not imagine a world in which I do not have music.

The second thing is my camera. Or the ability to take photos. Photography is the one thing that feels like its a hobby and I can embrace myself in -even though I have hugely neglected it recently.

The last thing I couldn’t go without is perhaps the ability to read and write, or to somehow capture my thoughts, write poetry and stories (even though unpublished at the moment). I love to read and be creative (even though I don’t share a lot of my stuff), I’d feel like there would be something missing.


It has been a nightmare getting my ear drops but I finally have my ear drops. Hopefully, my ears will get better quickly. I haven’t been sleeping well either, so I can’t wait to get a good nights sleep again. This should help my productivity, too.

Poem of the day

Daydreams for Ginsberg

I lie on my back at midnight
hearing the marvelous strange chime
of the clocks, and know it’s mid-
night and in that instant the whole
world swims into sight for me
in the form of beautiful swarm-
ing m u t t a worlds-
everything is happening, shining

blazing in faith, I know I’m
forever right & all’s I got to
do (as I hear the ordinary
extant voices of ladies talking
in some kitchen at midnight
oilcloth cups of cocoa
cardore to mump the
rinnegain in his
darlin drain-) i will write
it, all the talk of the world
everywhere in this morning, leav-
ing open parentheses sections
for my own accompanying inner
thoughts-with roars of me
all brain-all world
roaring-vibrating-I put
it down, swiftly, 1,000 words
(of pages) compressed into one second
of time-I’ll be long
robed & long gold haired in
the famous Greek afternoon
of some Greek City
Fame Immortal & they’ll
have to find me where they find
the t h n u p f t of my
shroud bags flying
flag yagging Lucien
Midnight back in their
mouths-Gore Vidal’ll
be amazed, annoyed-
my words’ll be writ in gold
& preserved in libraries like
Finnegans Wake & Visions of Neal

-Jack Kerouac (x)

Photo of the day

portland 2016
Anthony Samaniego

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Blogmas Day 21: Ear Infections and a dream


I actually managed to get an ear infection in both my ears simultaneously. It’s the same kind of infection in both ears (an outer ear infection, the ear drum is fine, just everything before that, if that makes sense). At the moment, I actually don’t feel to good, and haven’t got the energy to catch up on Yuri! On Ice, or any other thing that I’m watching. I have been to the doctors, but I haven’t managed to pick up the drops I’m supposed to stick down my ear. Those I will pick up tomorrow.

Because of my ear infections in both ears (I mean, one infected ear is bad enough, but both of them, at the same time???), last night was a bit weird. One of my ears swelled up somewhat and hearing was tough. I got a bit disorientated and couldn’t really sleep.
Considering I am prone to getting ear infections, I know very little of the anatomy of the ear. I also know very little about eyes, even though they fascinate me. All I know is, I am used to ear infections and I can’t actually believe both of my ears are ill. When I told my mum, I was actually amused that she replied with “Oh well. Well done.”

After I fell asleep again at some point this morning, I had a really interesting dream. It started of with me being a witch, living in a mansion, trying to make sure nobody could creep into my cellar where I had all my witchy stuff and then it turned to some weird family murder case and I was the detective. That part was spooky, but interesting. I wish I could explain it better, but it was a really protective kind of feeling – and I loved the mansion I lived in and the area it was in. It was just awesome and I was a pretty good detective but damn. The case was creepy. Anyways, the dream ended with my mum, her friend, and I going to a party and having an awesome time. The next morning the other two go somewhere and I’m at a park looking back at some amazing pictures with me in them and my friends. The next thing I know, James Bay and Counterfeit appear and we all sing and dance and have a great time even though the music of James Bay and Counterfeit are significantly different. But it was great. I had a great time in my dream. I woke up buzzing and excited and full of energy. For some reason my ears hurt more in the evening so now I am just in pain and ready to take some pain meds and go to sleep haha. I don’t have a fever or anything, so I knew it wasn’t the “average” ear infection I got. But yeah. Apart from going to the doctors late in the day, then going to the shops (and forgetting that the pharmacist shut earlier than I expected), I haven’t actually left the house.

My Dot:Grid Notebook arrived today, which I am super happy about. I redecorated the covers the minute I took it out of the box and I can’t wait to use it as a journal in the new year. Last night, I also accidentally ordered a Loot Crate which is supposedly going to arrive soon -ish. It could take an additional 2 weeks or something so that’ll be interesting.

Quote of the day

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them
– Maeve Greyson

Photos of the day

Street Lights Bokeh
Just a little hint of frost and lots of Helios bokeh
Anja Pietsch

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Blogmas Day 20: Comforters

With constant anxiety and stress, I often fall back to comforters to keep calm and/or reduce stress and anxiety.

These comforters range from books, movies, TV shows, anime and Youtubers or very specific youtube videos.


The Anime I fall back to for comfort are ones I used to watch when growing up. I love Detective Conan and Inu Yasha, and also fall back to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I’m also planning on watching One Piece (rewatching some of the episodes and then catching up on all the ones I haven’t seen yet -wish me luck omg), Black Cat, Junio Romantica and a bunch of others. But Detective Conan is definitely the anime I watch for comfort.


This is a really obvious and easy one: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can’t really say why this is my favourite, but it is and out of habit, if I am in a reading slump and/or just want to read something familiar and something I love, I automatically just go for this book.  I don’t really have an entire series I fall back to. If I would, the Harry Potter series is definitely my comforter book series.

TV Shows

Currently, I am also trying to get through Full House, among many other things. Full House, compared to other things, is something I have seen before and I am rewatching it. This TV show is definitely a comforter, something I go to when I can’t decide what else to watch or just have on in the background. While studying, I once had Absolutely Fabulous on for a while, which was actually quite entertaining and I was heart broken when I finished all the Seasons.
If I’m actively wanting to watch something I’ve watched before, something capturing but something I don’t have to focus on too much, I also drift back to Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey. With both, I tend to have a glass of wine (or an entire bottle), so I tend to make a nice evening out of it.


One would guess, that this would include Harry Potter movies, but actually, it’s actually Zootropolis, Howls Moving Castle and Spirited away. I love these movies, and could watch them on loop all day every day. I just never get tired of them.
When I was younger I used to watch Spider Man every day after school to the point I knew every line. There wasn’t much on TV that I particularly liked, so I’d just watch that movie.


Most of the youtubers I like watching very often/most of the time end up in the Videos of the day.

The one channel, however, that I just love (and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them several times before), belongs to The Mischief Managers. I just can’t stop loving them. They’re so cute and awesome and I love their stuff and I just could watch their videos all damn day.

Another youtuber I would love to meet and hug and could watch all day is TT Bret. I love their tumblr and their instagram and just UGH. I can’t even think of anything I could squeeze into proper sentences because I basically live of their stuff and just get all loved up when I see their face.

Photos of the day

Holiday bokeh
Choice and Indifference
Jaakko Paarvala

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Blogmas Day 19: The little things in Life


It is widely known one should appreciate the little things in life. For me, this would include having so many windows in my room and a nice garden to look into. Watching the squirrels and birds. Being able to just hug my mum.

At the same time, it’s the little things in every day life that can be super annoying. Other people leaving their rubbish everywhere. Walking around the house with their muddy shoes on. Leaving out dishes, clean or uncleaned.

Today, the little things I observed that I was glad of, weren’t just the windows in my room and the garden. I am also glad for the walks I can go on with my dog, and the fact I can leave my house -and feel safe. I’m grateful for the nice bath I had, and the face cream I used. It felt very relaxing and nice just to take care of myself. “You yourself should always be your first priority” -this is very easy to say for me, I know. And it’s easy advice to give. But, while I gave advice like this to a friend just tonight, I reflected on recent news and events. I reflected on the advice I gave out, and thought about the person I gave it to. I’m going to do a lot of thinking tonight.

Photo of the day

Holiday Bokeh for Macro Mondays
Tomo M
Xmas Tree | Kaunas Castle | GlassBallProject #353/36

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Blogmas Day 18: One Week to Go


Today was just another boring sunday. Next sunday is Christmas day and hopefully that will be a tad more interesting.

As for today, I haven’t caught up on any episodes that I’ve recorded, or any Anime, but I did finish an episode of The Crown on Netflix. I learned how to do a new stitch when knitting and how to cast off.  It’s not a lot, but its been better than nothing. I even went on a nice lil walk today.

Next week, with Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day, I actually most look forward to very non-traditional food. The past two years, we spent Christmas abroad in Asia, so the meals we had were naturally very non-traditional, luckily. I dislike sunday dinners anyway, and have not much love for a Turkey Christmas dinner. Luckily, neither does my family. This year we will most likely have a BBQ on Christmas Day again, perhaps even fish curry on Boxing Day. Maybe some Rum Punches and Cocktails, just to make it even less traditional.

Tonight, I’ve actually been trying to catch up with some Vlogmas videos, especially the ones published tonight. Tomorrow morning, I might try and catch up with other ones I haven’t watched yet. Even if I have to Zoom Zoom through some of them.

Photo of the day

View from the Window, Yunhe, Zheijiang, China
Stars and angels
Anja Pietsch
Morning walk with the dog
Iwona Podlasinska

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Blogmas day 17: People at the cinema


I went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today.

Yes, I do go to the cinema a lot. Thanks to having signed up to a Cineworld Card, I pay a certain amount of money every month and I can go whenever for /free/. If I went once, I’d easily pay anything between £7 and £9, even as a student. So if I go twice or three times a month, thats basically as much as the Cineworld card. Especially before we moved, I very easily went 4-6 times a month, if not more. So I definitely get my moneys worth.

Anyway, back to the movie. This was the first Star Wars movie I have ever watched. EVER. And I enjoyed it and am considering watching more Star Wars movies.

Every time during a movie, I notice certain people. Today I’ve actually made notes of the kind of people I remember having met during some of my cinema trips.

Recently, especially with the Star Wars movie, and Moana, but also many other times, there has been that ONE child who doesn’t stop talking and always sits really close to you, no matter where you sit. ALL THE TIME. And the parent just engages in the conversation. It’s quite annoying actually, I hope I was never that child.

Then there are those on a date. But there’s a difference between those on their first date n those couples who have their date night. Depending on movie and date, they’re usually quite cute, especially those on their first date. They’re all shy and awkward.

As always, on frequent cinema trips, I have also encountered that group of friends somewhere in the last row. They usually laugh at a lot of the things, and have that one friend who keeps yelling things in, one that can’t shut up talking, another who can’t stop laughing and another one who clearly regrets suggesting the cinema.

There’s also very often that one person, usually a child (or me), who drops their food before they even reach the seat. I actually manage to spill some of my popcorn on a guy once.

Then there are always those with really noisy food wrappings. I, out of experience and everything, either open my crisp packets or whatever before the movie starts or wait until there is a loud scene in the movie so I do not have to interfere with the movie. Sometimes, obviously, it can’t really be helped. In such a case, the quicker the better. But, naturally, some just like to fiddle with those wrappers and ruin entire moments in the movie.
There are also those who love to slurp their drinks real loud. Maybe I’m just super noise sensitive, but honestly, don’t do that. Please. It is super annoying.

A more recent discovery is actually that one adult, who takes their children to the cinema, and just very obviously is bored by everything. Yawning and staring at a bright screen. Out of all due respect, just don’t use your phone in a cinema full of people who might actually

I have to say, the most annoying thing is that person or child that can’t stop talking.

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Ben Williamson
Anthony Samaniego

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Blogmas day 16: Movies and Stuff

Favourite December Movies

A heads up, I don’t watch a lot of movies that are christmassy themed.

I do  save Home Alone and Home Alone 2 to watch in December.
At the moment, I quite like rewatching the Death Note movies, too. They’re not at all winter themed, which is actually a quite nice thing.
Disney’s Frozen is, naturally, on the list of movies I am more likely to watch in December. For some reason, I also prefer watching Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride several times between October and Christmas.

To be honest, I haven’t really watched many christmassy themed movies this year. I have recorded some movies. Love Actually is a great movie to watch this time of year. I’m saving that one for next week. Otherwise I stick to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or the Hobbit trilogy.

The only thing that really gets me into the spirit is decorating my room, getting a tree up and wrapping gifts (even though I am crap at doing so).

I also tend to delve into Vlogmas, even though I currently need to catch up with a lot of videos. It’ll probably keep me busy for a few hours over the weekend (yes, the entire weekend, maybe even week because damn I am weak and have a bad attention span).

Before christmas, I hope to find myself a few nice little movies to watch that are christmassy, beyond the ones I usually rewatch.

Photo of the day

The little copper tree [Explored on 16/12/16]
Emily Broomhead
Waterhead reeds
Mick Houghton

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