Just the usual Saturday


Since the festive season has basically started, I thought I’d share something.

Your Holiday Mom is the thing I’d like to share. People on this site offer a virtual home to LGBTQ Youth during the holidays. Even I, who has a kind and caring and supportive home, tear up when I read these messages.

Nobody will actually do this, write to me and/or talk to me. But I am still going to offer my listening skills to everybody who has something to say. I have a lot of kindness to give, and would love to share this with everybody who would like it.

It’s not actually going to matter. I know nobody is actually going to message me. But it’s out there either way. I don’t know what else I could offer apart from myself and what I have.

Question of the day: How do I make a usual Saturday more interesting?

Do something spontaneous, or unusual. As the festive season is fast approaching, my spontaneous and unusual action for today is christmas shopping. Plus, I got a new Phone case which made things a little bit exciting. Also, I’m trying out some different music today. In moments of doubt where everything is same same, its time to mix things up a little bit. I always kid myself change had to be huge and grand, but really, it doesn’t. Change in the littlest routines can make things that little bit more exciting.

Photo of the day

Ryo Mukae
Videos of the day


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