Quote of the day:

Be weird. Your strangeness is your magic.
-Parker Lewis

Question: What to do when stuck in the house?

I actually spend an embarrassing amount of time in my room and have multiple ways to keep me busy. The internet is obviously an unlimited source of entertainment. I end up watching a lot of TV, playing PS3 games (or other games), or I can very easily get caught up on catching up on University work as well. A day at home is a great way to finally catch up on work or other important things I usually avoid doing. I even like spending some of the time cleaning out my desk, wardrobe or dresser and reorganising things. This, I find, is an especially nice task if it is very cold outside and/or raining. I then don’t feel so guilty about spending the time in my room or at home in general.

Photo of the day

Self portrait
Mats Anda

Video of the day


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