Monday: Organisation

The topic of today is, as expected organisation. I’m actually really crap at organisation. My organisational skills are rubbish and I do not know how I have made it so far with my poor skills, honestly. I also don’t have any more tips than what you can google anyway and are just based on experience really. I’m still working on my skills.

What I have found useful, however, is splitting huge tasks in many little ones. It’s a common tip, and really helps. The task becomes less overwhelming, you still get the feeling you’re being productive, which could then lead to you wanting to do more.

Also, doing things early in the day has helped me. Tasks stop ruining my day because I stress over them and they actually get done. Plus, you can treat yourself for the rest of the day and do something nice.

Having a planner, and writing stuff down, really works for me too. If I remember to write it down. But, having a planner, helps me remember to write things down and take note of it. There’s then a higher chance of it getting done and it just really helps me organise myself in the long run.

I also have a lot of colourful pens and highlighters. As a student, having colour coded stuff, pens, markers and sticky notes is ridiculously useful. And they’re a great mood booster, especially for the early, dark mornings and rainy, grey days in autumn and winter. Weirdly, it does not at all represent how my mind is, but it certainly helps my mind focus on more positive things, which is hence useful for studying, etc.

Having a constant in my life has helped me deal with all the turmoil in life, and strongly disassociating all the time (somebody in my life is blaming my gluten free diet for my anxiety going down but honestly, it’s just my disassociation).

Trailing a bit off topic, but what you eat can have a serious effect on how you feel. You eat shit you feel shit. Out of experience, if I have a rubbish breakfast, I feel rubbish for most of the day. This is especially true if I am in a low mood anyway. If I am grumpy, annoyed, upset and/or just angry, if I then eat a full english breakfast (Bacon, sausages, eggs, etc), something with chocolate, left over fast food or something like that, I will not feel any better. I usually feel worse and guilt ridden. This then can have an effect on every thing else.  Eating something healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat something you don’t like. For some reason this took me a while to realise (I actually like fruit and veg whaaaat).

Anyway, I am cold and I’m going to see how I can entertain myself for the rest of the evening. PS3, Wii, 3ds, TV, DVDs, or something away from technology? No technology seems like the right option, but I’ll probably end up playing Sims 3 for hours.

Quote of the day:

Failure is success if you learn from it

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Porch light
Ian Flinders


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