Remember Remember!

Today is Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night tonight and the trains are on strike, which will definitely cause chaos. I don’t really know the history of it in detail but it has something to do with treason and a guy being burned. There’s the history to Guy Fawkes briefly in an article here.
So they collect a huge pile of burnable stuff, have possessions and then burn the stuff and have fireworks and stuff. I didn’t go to see any fireworks last year but I am in a huge need to go see fireworks myself. Alas, however, not again this year. Unless I spend the evening by my window watching it from afar. To ease my need for fireworks I might watch some youtube videos, although that is definitely not the same…

I love fireworks and haven’t seen any for so long! A friend of mine calls them fire flowers and I love it.Yesterday, I went to see Tom Odell in Brighton and it was absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad I finally saw him live and I really hope I get to see him sing live again soon. I was sitting quite far away from him, so I couldn’t get a decent picture, but I did take a few videos.

As it stands now, I will be seeing Bry and Busted in February, both in Brighton and I am honestly so excited and can’t wait. For both of those my friend and I will be standing n hopefully we’ll get super close n just have so much fun it’ll be great.
I never thought.

Tom Odell Videos

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Fevzi Dintas

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Fortune and love favour the brave


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