Mid-Week Wednesday

Most things will probably somewhat be Harry Potter related most of the time, until/when I get bored of doing so or have other things to write/share.

Photos of the day

Black Woman
Autumn Leaves | Kaunas

Poem of the day:

A laugh, a smile
A tear, a cry
A kiss goodby
-by Ciaran Jefferson

Word of the day: die Traurigkeit
Another German noun, translates to the sadness. the verb is traurig, meaning sad. “Ich bin” traurig translates to “I am sad”.

Videos of the day

Question of today: Whats your favourite desert?

My great auntie’s cheescake. It’s the best n it tastes like home. Every time she makes it it’s just perfect and if I couldnt eat any other desert other than that cheesecake for the rest of my life I’d be ever so delightfully happy.
I also quite like custard, n could just drink that for desert to be honest. Quite nice with gluten free apple crumble but honestly, I’m never too keen on apple crumble. I do really love ice cream and I miss the ice cream parlour in Germany. There is one particular one we’d always go to and it was great.

Today, the only way I can distract myself is by youtube videos and anyhting other than dealing with what gives me most anxiety and everything. I’m not enjoying University at the moment and I think the season is affecting me. With the start of University it’s like everything semi stressy is coming together, putting a strain on me and I can’t find a way to detangle myself and deal with it in a healthy way. I just feel like not going to Uni, getting cigarettes and strong alcohol and just getting drunk n smoking.
I remember from last year that I drunk a lot especially over the colder months and I’m scared thats going to repeat itself just worse.

Anyway, I’ll see what next week will bring


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