Favourite Harry Potter Videos

Just for fun and because I wanna, here are some of my favourite Harry Potter themed YouTube videos

Tessa Nettling is a must, naturally.

Honestly, this channel is a gift of the heavens and I love it so much it hurts. I love them so much, I added four videos to the list, but honestly. All the videos are amazing.


The two Harry Potter Parodies by The Hillywood show. I couldn’t decide which ones I liked most, so I added the two of them. I always quite like the dancing in their parodies so.


I can’t ever stop watching this one. Honestly, its pure gold.


I am struggling so much with the things going on in my life currently, it is truly amazing how I am still functioning somewhat. Hence, why I am wallowing in Harry Potter videos n stuff, just because it makes me happy.

I also stood outside for five minutes just now and listened to some owls hooting at each other which in itself was an amazing feeling and I haven’t smiled like that in a very long time. It was nice. I love owls.

~ Ciarán ~


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