Sturdy Saturday

Photo of the day:

Autumn Leaves

Word of the day: Stalwart

It’s a Middle English word, and, according to this online dictionary, it has various meanings, including brave and strong. It reminded me of the german word for stahl, which is steel. But Stalwart in german roughly translates to “stramm”, which in fact translates back to “tautly” or “sturdy”

Quote of the day:

I think there’s some connection between absolute discipline and absolute freedom.
-Alan Rickman

Video of the day:

Question of the day: What would you do if you could travel into the past?

I think I would try and focus on some personal stuff. I would travel back in time to tell my past self to get their act together. Or I would go even further back, to tell my grandmother how much I loved her, or travel back even further to get a glimpse of more of my family, or past lives in general. Ideally, I guess, I would like to constantly try and travel back, just to learn and observe, to try and solve crimes and such like. I’d love to find out what happened to the Princes Edward and Richard in the Tower of London. Purely for educational reasons.

Today has vaguely looked like a nice lovely day. Nice weather, some time with my mum in Brighton, a nice lunch. If it weren’t for certain annoying people we live with, today could’ve been quite nice, but alas. There are annoying people around.
Being able to take a step away from Uni without feeling semi guilty from having missed lectures, I feel like my strength bars in dealing with life are being recharged. At the same time, because of school kids having a week off next week, I dread leaving the house for various reasons and it is eating me up already. I know I can’t really take any more time off, especially because of a presentation I have to do on friday. It’s stressing me out more than it should and I hate it.

Trying to distract me, as this isn’t something I can solve, I might watch my favourite movie and eat some chocolate.

~ Ciarán ~


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