Mid week crisis

Question of the day: Oh, so you’re german?

Well, theoretically, yes. Born and raised there. But I have a british mother, and a british granddad. My Granny is German. It’s a weird story. I don’t know a lot of the british side of my family, and the only person I know from the german side, who is still alive, is my great auntie and her husband. They’re lovely people and I miss them dearly.
In Germany, I always felt British, even though I couldn’t remember ever visiting Britain. Now, living in Britain, with a british passport, I don’t feel German. But I also do not feel british at all. I used to hate my slight accent and the way I pronounce certain words. It would upset me, that I didn’t have a country to call home. Now, after three years of Uni and a lot of character development, I realise that the world is my home. I feel content with that fact, not being tied to a particular place. It is feeding my interest to travel and to explore. The way I talk has been described as “cute”, so I’ll just go with that. I’ll make it part of who I am.
Studying English language and linguistics has just proven to me how ridiculous it actually is to dream to “sound” english, when there is no one way to sound that way. Sounding like the Queen is not what the English language is about.
And the question of “Who am I?”, which was the question I was going to originally ask, is way to broad, way to complex, and way too deep. To be honest, the answer to that question is still a work in progress anyway.

Photo of the day:


Quote of the day:
I think sometimes when you begin to examine things – like yourself – suddenly you can just freak out and not want to go any further (x)
– Bonnie Wright

Video of the day:

Word of the day: der Spiegel
I don’t know why, but nouns are the easiest thing for me to think of at the moment. This noun translates to “the mirror”. An example sentence: “Der Spiegel haengt dort an der Wand.” -“The mirror is hanging on the wall over there.”

Slight headache. Living-with-Fosterchildren-problems. I admire social workers n all. Not a productive day in a sense of  doing a lot of work, but I cought up with a friend, which was lovely.


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