Sunday Blues

German Word of the day: der Herbst
It’s a noun, meaning “the Autumn”.
Eg.: Der herbst ist hier – Autumn is here

Or, changing the noun into an adjective:
Es ist sehr herbstlich – it’s very autumnal

Videos of the day:

Question of Today: What would you tell your younger self?
First of all, I would tell my younger self, not to do the thing, not to write it down, to speak to your mother and to explore yourself more. I’d tell my younger self not to let the numbness consume them, to try and get out of that numbness and that sitting in their room by themselves isn’t going to solve anything. I’d encourage my younger self to get into photography earlier, to get into writing earlier, to write that story and to read in English earlier than when I actually did. I’d beg my younger self to show a bigger interest in a sport and into playing guitar and into learning another language. Stop doubting yourself, decrease your dreaming and start doing some ish.

Photo of the day:


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