Lazy Saturday

I have regrets about not doing more today. But then I have regrets most days about a lot of things about my life, so nothing new there. To even things out a bit, I have cleaned, and have been to the shops. I’ve played AC: New Leaf after a really long time, which I’ve been putting off for that very reason and it kept guilt tripping me even though its just a game (am I the only one this happens to??). There are still some more hours in the day I can do some productive stuff. And in my defence: I don’t feel well. Everything is a bit of a struggle and I have helped others achieve some of their daily goals.

Beyond daily chores and University lectures, I’m  struggling to make things exciting for myself. To make things less day in day out, same old same old. I end up blaming myself, thinking I’m boring and horrible and unkind because clearly nobody wants to do anything with me, even though people tell me I’m a good friend and super nice and friendly. I start doubting their honesty and their friendship, resulting in me doubting myself again. Its such a struggle? And I’m not really dealing with it at all really, apart from acknowledging that I’m in a weird downward spiral.

To lighten things off, I started watching Haters Back Off. Its hilarious and on Netflix.

Photo of the day:

Ryo Mukae

German Word of the Day: das Regen
This is a noun and means rain. This is today’s word purely because it started raining earlier and I had the following song stuck in my head since then.

Every time it rains, I think of this song from Kindergarten my granny used to sing to me.

Question of the Day: What is your favourite time of day and why?
Depends on the season really. I kind of like the time between 11am and 2pm, but I also like dusk and dawn, because it feels kinda magical.

Video of the Day:

That’s it! For today.


Feature Image: x


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