That Friday feeling

I was going to describe a perfect friday, but I think I’d have to prepare this a bit better for another time. As it happens, I have probably had a lot of perfect Fridays without even noticing, but they’ve never quite happened as I had imagined a perfect Friday.

Today, I’m ending the day feeling a little ill.

At least the trains between where I live and where my University campus is were on today. My Seminar was entertaining, and began with the fire alarm going off.
More and more leaves are turning red and/or just falling off. I still have to get my camera to the forest. I want to collect some, too, some pretty ones. Now that we have a garden, I am able to just gather some nice ones without actually leaving the property.

Hopefully I can sleep this icky ill feeling off and I’ll feel better tomorrow. Might even actually be productive, beyond boring University stuff and reading.

Today’s picture:

Autumn Leaves

Today’s Video:

I can’t get enough of this video and this song at the moment



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