Thursday = Photography/Art

Because I used to have my Photography class on a Thursday evening, I still associate Thursday with Photography/Art. At the same time, at the moment Thursdays are my busiest days at University. I’m semi upset I haven’t even tried out my new lens properly, or taken my camera to the forest in at least a year and that I’m not working on a portfolio or anything.

However, I’m trying to come up with ways where I can use all the things I want to do, to help my mental health instead of actually stressing me out.

This week has been my second week at Uni and it has all been very interesting, even though I have been feeling very stressed at times. I’m trying really hard not to impulse buy a lot of things, to keep up with reading and prep reading for my dissertation. At the same time, as mentioned, I still need to find a healthy balance to do other things, too, and not be overwhelmed by anything.

At the moment, there are some things on TV I’m really enjoying. Some of the shows are about Victorians and their lives, the others are art-based, such as Sky Arts: Artist of the year and The Art of the Portrait (also on Sky Arts). I can’t draw, but I like these kind of programs to learn and see if I can use any ideas for photography. It also makes me feel more like I’m still in touch with my creative side by doing “research”. Currently, I’m also still reading Burning Kingdoms by Lauren DeStefano, and I plan on reading Shatter Me by Tahera Mafi and Miss Peregruins Home for Peculiar Children by Ransome Riggs this year.

On Friday, I really hope to get some tickets to see them in Brighton in February. I love them a lot! In November, I’ll see Tom Odell with a friend, might go and see Hunter and the Bear next Friday by myself. Really anxious to go and see Hunter and the Bear by myself, mainly because its at a venue I’ve never been to and I was gonna rely on my friend to come there with me. Alas, now I have two tickets, but my friend can’t come with me.

Question of Today: Why are there so many villages that end in “dean”?

Around and near Brighton, there are villages such as Rottingdean, Saltdean, Hollingdean, East Dean, West Dean (closer to Eastbourne) and I wondered why there were so many ending in “-dean”. So I googled it. But apart from wikipedia, I’m struggling to find some information. According to wikipedia, its because of the Old English “dene”, meaning “dry valley”.

Photo of Today:

Moyan Brenn

Feature Image:

Autumn Leaves | Kaunas Old Town


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